One Liner Wednesday – On Thursday

Brought to you by Linda Hill….

Although technically this was said on a Wednesday.

Background to the story is this:
Yesterday was really hot and the First Born, her friend and the children all came over to swim in the pool.
Mr almost-four was running on the concrete and me (Ma) called out to remind not to run.

First Born: Did you hear what Ma said?
Mr almost-four: Yes.
First Born: Well what did she just say?
Mr almost-four (in a high pitched imitation of my voice): Don’t run on the concrete

Everyone dissolved into laughter.

Monochrome Madness – Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

My entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness on Leanne Cole’s blog was taken at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.
This particular photo was taken at Picnic Point not far from where I took the photo that I shared the other day with the Tween admiring the view over the valley below. Continue reading

Someone put a book on her head!!

Last night I was looking at my Tween (who will become a Teen before very long). She doesn’t like me looking at her. She thinks that when I do something is wrong and she become self conscious so I try to watch her surreptitiously.
As I was gazing at my little girl and remembering the chubby faced cherub with the ready smile she turned toward me and my memories dropped away. Continue reading

Monday! Yes, it’s Monday!

And so another week begins.
I remember a time a few months ago when Mondays were a day that I dreaded. I exhibited all the physical signs of anxiety as the day drew closer and then longed for the day to be over once I had arrived at work.Now, Monday is a day to look forward to.
It is the beginning.
How lucky am I that I get a new beginning each week? Continue reading

Through my Lens – Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse

Join me on our travels further south down the New South Wales coast to the little town of Seal Rocks and the Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse. I had discovered this little gem of a place whilst surfing the net one evening and suggested that we make it a point to visit on our road trip.
Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the village¬†(because it is not big enough to be a town) of Seal Rocks itself¬† that consisted of many holiday homes, beach shacks and a general store/post office. We had a mission to reach Sydney by nightfall so if we wished to explore the lighthouse, then we needed to forgo further sightseeing as I had already wasted valuable time that morning in the book fair. ;) Continue reading

The correlation between giving and forgiveness

Over the past week, I have been bombarded with messages about receiving blessings through giving.
It’s hit me in so many ways.
In my meditations and readings. Even in emails that I have received.
Interspersed between the ‘aha’ moments about giving and receiving, there have also been ‘aha’ moments about forgiveness. Continue reading

Happiness lies within

*This is a scheduled post as I am away for a few days*

As I am reading or meditating, I keep a book beside me to jot down things that jump out at me. My books often are a combination of scribbled notes, recipes, book titles and doodles.
As I was turning the pages of the notebooks on my computer desk, I found the following quote. Continue reading