Sunday Stills Challenge sent me down Memory Lane

This week’s challenge is ‘Faces’.
Let’s face it, photographing a face is something that we all do. I know myself that I enjoy photographing people therefore faces figure prominently in my photo archives on the computer.
This week I am going to share some of my earliest digital photography efforts from 2003 (although there is one photo in there that I didn’t take).

Back when digital photography was in its infancy, the Garden Gnome’s workplace purchased a camera for use in his department. On occasion, he would bring it home for me to ‘play’ with. I was in heaven. Here was a camera that it didn’t matter how many photos I took, I could keep going until I got the perfect shot. Admittedly, the camera only held about 16 photos before I had to begin deleting but this was something that opened a whole new world for me.
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Through my Lens – Lightning Ridge

Reading the website for Lightning Ridge this morning, I literally laughed out loud at the opening words:

Have they all been touched by the sun? There’s something deliciously, refreshingly, awe-inspiringly crazy about the people of Lightning Ridge.

I would have to agree.
Driving into Lightning Ridge along a rather uninspiring bitumen road doesn’t prepare you for what you encounter within the (rather small) town that is Lightning Ridge. Continue reading

Stream of Consciousness

This is the first time I have ever taken part in Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays and I’m going to struggle to write and not edit. Apparently I can fix typos which is great because my fingers often run off without my mind but not being able to edit and allowing you all to see the thought processes of my mind is a little daunting. Continue reading

25th July 2009

It’s often been said that a mother should never have to bury her children. It is wrong that the person who brought you into the world, should also have to see you out of it. However, it is equally sad when the oldest sibling outlives her younger brothers.
It isn’t just sad, it is tragic. And life seems so unfair.
Five years ago today we left the waiting room to say our goodbyes to one of the most gorgeous men I was privileged to share my life with. Continue reading

Accomplishment and Gratitude

The other day I had to go into my old workplace to pick up a parcel that had been dropped there for me. Whilst it was wonderful to see fellow workmates and some of the clients once again, it was a bittersweet experience.
I have invested a lot of myself into that place. It has become a part of me and it is a part that I cherish.
One part of me was happy that I was no longer having to come in to work each day and the other part was sad that I am missing spending time with the wonderful clients (and staff) that are the backbone of the organisation.
However, it was also difficult because of the questions asked of me. Continue reading

Wednesday Monochrome Madness

It is Wednesday once more and that means that Leanne Cole has once again hosted the Monochrome Madness on her blog. Once again the standard of photography is wonderful and includes many amazing images.
She has kindly included my image again this week and I in turn will share it with you all. Continue reading

Sunday Stills Challenge

So I’ve seen that  a lot of bloggers are taking part in this challenge and decided it might be something fun for me to do as well so I looked into it (thanks to the link on Kaz’s blog).
More information can be found about the challenge on the blog Sunday Stills Challenge. The challenge for this week is ‘Looking through Windows‘.
This has proved to be a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t often take photos through windows – apart from those taken from a moving car during road trips.
However, this challenge requires that you have the window clearly visible in your photo and when I take photos through the car window, I generally try to crop out the window when framing the photo. Continue reading