Take your foot off the accelerator….

Or for those in the U.S. … off the gas!

Yesterday I was driving home from work. (I could probably walk. It would take me half an hour or so but in the afternoons, walking is the last thing I feel like). Anyway, as I was driving up one of the streets on my way home, I realised I was doing over the speed limit as I was in a hurry to get home. Continue reading

This morning I danced… and I will again tomorrow


This morning I woke up feeling awesome. It is a gift and not something that I recall happening too much in the past few weeks. I went about my usual routine and spent some time watching the birds. There were quite a few about this morning despite the fog. They warbled, darted and squabbled in the still morning air. The forecast for today is that it is going to be quite hot (and it’s only the beginning of spring) but  the morning air was cool as it caressed my face. I thanked God for the blessing. Of course I couldn’t stand there forever as there were things to be done prior to going to work so I tore myself away and padded off to the kitchen. Continue reading

Looking for the Blessings in Life


I am a creature of routine and habit (most of the time anyway). I have the same morning routine. I generally eat the same thing for lunch each day (until I feel like a change). I like to know what is going to happen during my day (although I’m working on ‘going with the flow’). I feel happy when I have a sense of order in my life. Unfortunately that doesn’t always go to plan, however that is a whole different blog post. Continue reading