Sharing the Beautiful Things


There is an ad on TVย  right now by Twinings. It talks about hiding the beautiful things away for a special occasion and encourages us to stop waiting for the special occasion to arrive and use those things now. It shows a lady pulling out a pair of beautiful red shoes with killer heels and her grandmother’s cup and saucer and then sitting down with a cup of Twinings tea and enjoying them both. Right now, I am drinking my morning cup of tea from a vintage cup and saucer that I purchased from a swap meet. I am slowly building up my collection of cups and saucers to have my morning cuppa in each day. I brew my tea in my grandmother’s little teapot. This is the same teapot that I kept for years on a shelf collecting dust as an ornament because I wanted to be reminded of her each time that I looked at it. Now, I am reminded every day and it doesn’t have the opportunity to collect dust. I can’t bring myself to use her cup and saucer though – just in case I drop them.

I love this idea and want to expand on it. Why can’t we share or participate in things of beauty also? The photo at the top of this post was one that I found on my camera when I downloaded from it the other day. It is straight out of the camera with no editing. When we stayed in Northern Queensland, our balcony overlooked Trinity Beach. Each morning I loved to watch the sun come up. This morning there was a bit of cloud about and it made for a moody sunrise. It was beautiful. Now I am sharing it with you. Many of you have probably never been to Trinity Beach, but now you can share in the beauty of the sunrises.

In just over an hour, I am heading off to sewing class. I enjoy attending sewing class because it gives me the opportunity to mingle with like minded ladies, learn new things and pick up a few tricks of the trade. I’m not getting as many opportunities to sew lately as I would like, but having a regular class to attend means that I can have a few hours of uninterrupted sewing in my life. I find sewing a thing of beauty. Think about it. You take beautiful fabrics and join them together to make something else that is a thing of beauty. I am learning to quilt. Today I am starting on some Christmas table runners and I’m looking forward to it. Christmas, to me is also a time of beauty.

This afternoon, I am planning to work on my book proposal. I was hoping to have the whole weekend to work on it however Miss almost-twelve-going-on-twenty-five wanted to go to a theme park. She has been pestering us for quite some time to go and now it is school holidays, we caved. She is taking two of her friends, so we will just be in the background and making sure that they don’t get up to too much mischief. I’m looking for the blessing in this. The blessing is that my daughter will have a wonderful day with her friends, and my garden gnome and I will get to spend some precious time together. Can’t get much better than that can it?

Have a blessed and beautiful day! ๐Ÿ™‚

14 thoughts on “Sharing the Beautiful Things

  1. Well, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us. I’m getting closer to getting in that tin tube and travel across the ocean. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Unfortunately, I’m no stranger to humidity. The southeast of the US has quite the humid summers. Not sure what your average temps are for summer, but ours runs in the upper 80s-90s with I don’t know what percentage of humidity, but summer is the time when makeup and a nice hairdo are nearly impossible to pull off. I know the world is different, but I wonder what it feels like to have Christmas during the summer, instead of the winter?


  2. Lovely sentiments! It’s such a pleasure to enjoy things for their intrinsic qualities – like your grandmother’s tea set and all the associations with it. A beautiful sunset. That’s one reason I love vintage clothing and accessories so much – because their quality is so unique and they have characteristics that make them stand out among garments and surpass what we see in the marketplace today. Thanks for joining my fun, too! I post a photo of true vintage fashion from my own closet every day. Hope to see you often.


    1. Thankyou Morgana. I love that you are able to wear the clothes that you share. In my mind, I am a perfect size 8 but my body doesn’t echo that sentiment. That makes it difficult to fit into clothes from bygone decades unfortunately.


  3. Christmas in the Summer depends entirely on what the weather is like on the day April. It could be cool and rainy or so hot that we are wearing as little as possible and eating salads under the air conditioner. lol I’d love to know what a white Christmas feels like. Just to say that I have experienced it at least once in my life. Some Australian snow resorts hold Christmas in July on occasion. Must get there one day ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I found Australia (QLND) a thing of beauty when I was blessed to be able to vacation there in 2005. Oh how I would LOVE to return! I wish I would have learned how to sew, as well. I envy your craft! I haven’t the patience it requires, unfortunately…


    1. Queensland is part of God’s own country lol. I love in the south east corner (closer to the Gold Coast) than to the Daintree. As much as I would like to travel overseas, there is still so much of Australia to see.
      Crafting is a release for me. Right now, my focus is on my writing and my craft room is missing me. Taking time out each fortnight to sew with other ladies gives me that opportunity to create. I started my Christmas table runner yesterday. Hopefully I should finish it soon ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. Too funny. I guess Surfers Paradise would be the equivalent of Florida in the US. I’m not a big fan of Surfers. When we go to the Gold Coast we stay at Burleigh which is south of there. It is less ‘touristy’.


          1. Ahhh yes, Burleigh Head…? New South Wales, upon the River Tweed, yes? Haha…don’t forget to visit ‘Tropical Fruit World’….feels like it was just yesterday when I was there….I wanna go back!


            1. Burleigh Heads isn’t as far down as New South Wales. The Tweed is also a beautiful place. But you have one up on me. I’ve never been to Tropical Fruit World. I’ve driven past it many times but never been in. ๐Ÿ™‚


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