2 thoughts on “I Hope Your Heart Knew The Love I Felt

  1. It’s odd you posted this. I was talking to my mom yesterday, about what we would say if we had a chance to say anything to our family who have passed. I realized I said and did everything I could. Except for one thing. I wasn’t there holding my dad’s hand in his final moments. Because I can’t do spontaneity well, I missed being there for him by 12 hours. I have forgiven myself because I know he would want that. However, I feel him, my brother, and my sister around me all the time. They may be gone physically, but they will forever be in my heart.


    1. You know what April? I don’t even remember doing this. I had a bit of a glitch with my iPad last night and this must have reposted. But it’s true you know. One of my biggest regrets is never telling one of my brothers how much I loved him in all the times I was talking to him prior to his death. I missed seeing my grandmother by a few hours too. I did however have the chance to tell my baby brother I loved him. We both said it. It was our last conversation before he slipped into the coma he never came out of.
      So this post must have been for you. Call it the universe reaching out to you. Glad I was an instrument. 🙂


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