Live Each Day


Have you ever had something happen to you that you know is a higher power trying to tell you something? I know I have.  However, I am curious if it happens to others also. At lunch time today I was sitting with a colleague and she was telling me a story about a book that she keeps on her coffee table. On the weekend, she bumped it and the book fell open to a particular page. My colleague stated that this is quite odd in itself as the book has always sat flat on her coffee table and is rarely read. After picking up the book, she glanced at the page (it was a book of quotes) and put the book back on the table. She was amazed when the book fell off the table again and landed open at the same page. She glanced at the page and then carried the book into her bedroom with the intention of reading it later. As she hadn’t read it in quite some time, she flicked through the book beginning at the back but the book opened at this page again. Figuring someone was trying to tell her something she read the quote. It was a quote by Abraham Lincoln and one that spoke to her at this point in her life.

As my colleague was telling me this story, she handed me the book and opened it to the page in order to show me the quote. I looked over and read a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that hit me like a bolt of lightning. Apologising for opening the book at the wrong page she turned the pages to find the correct one in order to show me the quote that was meant for her. There was no need to apologise as the quote I had read was perfect for me. That little book blessed both of us. I created the graphic above using the quote. (Another blessing as it has been a long while since I have dabbled in photoshop and I enjoyed it very much).

So why did this quote jump out at me? I guess it was a reminder to me that although I feel as if I am a small fish in a big pond, I am able to do something about the things that matter to me. I can do something about living my life the way that I wish. I don’t need to be richer, smarter, more popular or any other ‘er’, I just need to be me.

The desire to help people burns within me  right now. I hope to study counselling however can’t afford to do so just yet.. I don’t have the resources to assist those suffering from the terrible bushfires in New South Wales. I can’t give every homeless person a home. I can’t heal all those in the world suffering from abuse, grief or mental illness. There are so many ‘can’ts’ in response to my wish list. But there are just as many ‘cans’. I can donate money or other items needed to those who have lost their homes in the fires (see my friend Dawn’s blog for an idea I can suspend a coffee or meal for those that are homeless. I can lend an ear/shoulder/hug where and when they are needed. I can hope that the words I write help someone in some way. I can do so many things….

I am reminded of a song by Paul Kelly called “From Little Things Big Things Grow”

So many of us give up on the things that mean something to us because we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. It could be something as simple (to many) as leaving the house to visit the store or something as large as conquering a fear of public speaking, travelling overseas or buying a home. Eating a meal in public could be enough to send some into a tailspin. Giving up is easy. However,  I want to remind you all (as I am reminding myself) that Teddy Roosevelt  famously said “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. And remember, that from little things, big things grow (that’s from Paul Kelly :p ).

Has the universe told you something wonderful? Please share it with me. I would love to hear.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

14 thoughts on “Live Each Day

  1. Great post! Thank you for the reminder to pay attention to the signs. Too early in the morning for me, not enough coffee, so I can’t remember the last time the Universe told me something. However, I do feel help from my dad from time to time.


    1. It’s too early in the morning for you and getting close to bedtime for me. Yes, the signs are all around us but we sometimes require lots of prompts to see them.


  2. My husband (Logan) and I had gone on our first date on a Sunday and had a great time. Then on Tuesday I was driving home after having lunch with my mother and my phone rang. It was Logan. We chatted for a bit and then he asked if I wanted to join him and one of his friends for dinner. I thought it over (I had a lot to do at home and wasn’t dressed as nicely as I would normally have been) and then looked up to see if I’d already passed the exit I needed to take to get to the restaurant. Not only had I not passed it (my first sign), the next exit was Logan St. I took it as I sign that I definitely should meet Logan for dinner and the rest is history…

    Great post. I think the universe is often trying to tell us something–we just have to be observant enough to get the message.


  3. actually, yes… fairly often in mentoring others and for my awareness of others too in my acceptance of where they may be at in their spiritual lives. Maybe I’ll write about some examples in my blog in the future.
    Thanks for posting this story.
    ~ Eric


    1. Thanks for stopping by Eric. I think the signs are always there but sometimes they need to actually jump out and grab me by the ankles before I notice them. Would love to read your stories. 🙂


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