Looking for Rainbow Colours


Looking for inspiration this morning, I opened Google and typed in ‘Inspire Me’. It bought up a large number of pages, so I opened images. A quote jumped out at me and I knew I had the perfect photo to go with it. I would call that ‘serendipity’ or ‘synchronicity’ but you can use whichever word takes your fancy. And so I created the above graphic.

So let’s explore this concept further. “Don’t miss all the beautiful colours of the rainbow whilst looking for the pot of gold”. I guess that’s true. Many of us spend so much time and effort concentrating on the end goal that we miss the little things that make the journey worthwhile. Or we spend our lives so caught up in timetables and deadlines that our tunnel vision filters out that which we deem unimportant. But are the ‘unimportant’ things really that unimportant? I guess that is up to the individual to decide. Over the years, my interpretation of importance has changed as I have aged. I wouldn’t be the only person to have changed their perception of importance I’m sure.

So now my mind is rambling and I decided to look up the colours of the rainbow. I still sing the song “Sing a Rainbow” on occasion but this song has simplified the colours for a young child. I was trying to recall the ‘real’ colours like ‘indigo’ and ‘violet’ rather than ‘blue’ and ‘purple’. So my friend Google jumped in to help once again and I found an interesting comparison between the colours of the rainbow and the chakra points.  I don’t plan on going into this because I know I have such a cross section of readers and I’m not about to debate spirituality in any way, shape or form. That’s not the purpose of this blog. This blog is about looking for beauty in life and overcoming the obstacles that stand in our way. I just mentioned that for those that are interested and would like to find out more. (Google can be your friend too).

So I thought that I would look at the colours and then mention what they mean to me:

Red: To me, red is passion and drive. When I wear red, I am motivated and driven. It’s a good work colour really. Red is one of the colours of the roses in the garden outside my window. It is the colour of a fiery sunset. Red is also the colour of blood (the essence of life).

Orange: I bought a bunch of orange roses the other day that are in a vase on my kitchen bench. Orange is a vibrant colour and one that I enjoy wearing. Orange flowers make me smile.

Yellow: Yellow is the colour of sunshine. Of brightness and light. Of happiness and joy. I love the yellow daisies in the garden. Yellow makes me smile as well. Yellow is such a cheerful colour.

Green: Green to me is a ‘grounding’ colour. It gives a sense of peace and tranquility. I believe Green is also the colour of life.

Blue: I spent years wearing lots of blue. Blue is the colour of the sea on a beautiful day. Blue is calming. It is also Miss-almost-twelve-going-on-twenty-five’s favourite colour.

Indigo: This to me is a darker blue. Think of a piece of royal blue velvet. It is rich and luscious and so is this colour. Indigo is the colour of blueberries. I love blueberries! 🙂

Violet: This is a regal colour. To me, this colour is spiritual. I feel connected when I wear this colour and to be honest, I believe the colour suits me. (okay, stepping down from the vanity pedestal now). It is my favourite colour.

If you stuck with me through that little segue, then I applaud you. This morning, my mind is like hamster running around and around in circles. How can I put this gem of a quote into perspective of my life right now? The last couple of days have been draining as I have had some sort of gastro bug. How can I look for the beauty in that? I am going to try. Let’s see…..I had time to renew my love affair with my bed. I fell more in love with the Garden Gnome as he did the household chores and tip-toed around so he wouldn’t disturb me. I listened to the (few drops) of rain on the tin roof and I am still breathing! That’s always a good thing right? So what is your favourite colour and why? I’d love to know.

Have a beautiful day!

7 thoughts on “Looking for Rainbow Colours

  1. When I was younger I had phases were certain colors were my favorite. A pink phase, followed by a black phase, then a blue phase, then back to pink. Now I tend to appreciate all the colors and what they remind me of. And some are better for home decorating and some are better for dress. Although, I’m still a big fan of pink 🙂

    And I love the quote. I think it is certainly true. I’ve been so busy lately trying to get all my important tasks finished that I missed a lot of the little things about summer that I truly enjoy.


    1. I was never really a pink type of girl (although I remember a dress I had in the 80’s that was pink). I love to dress my little girl in pink. It suits her but she loves blue… so blue is what she wears most. I went through a blue phase… and a black phase…. but now I wear whatever I feel like. Although purple is by far the colour I love most.
      I hope you have time at the end of the season to enjoy the little things you have missed so far. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. 🙂


  2. I would have to say that the color of sunset is my favorite…or sunrise…they are nearly identical…but if you study them they are a blend of so many colors that you realize there isn’t just ONE. That’s why I love those the best.


    1. I think sunset has warmer colours than sunrise. Don’t you think? There are more pinks and blues in a sunrise and the sunset has oranges and fiery reds. But they definitely are something worth seeing aren’t they?


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