Learning to Fly


She had been cocooned  her whole life inside these walls. Whilst she stayed here, she was safe. She had food in her stomach and was protected from the elements. She had the company and love of her family. She had everything that she needed. Until the day, her mother returned and told her to leave. She didn’t just tell her, she nudged her forward until she found herself on the edge. Fear took over her being. How could she leave everything she had known? Another gentle nudge from her mother and she went over the edge. She was falling. What was she going to do? Unfurling her wings in order to break her fall, the feathers caught the updraft and discovered that her rapid descent had slowed. In wonderment, she moved her wings a little and discovered that not only had she broken her fall, she was rising through the air. Joyously, she maneuvered her way back toward the nest to share her elation with her siblings and was overjoyed to realise that they too had made the same discovery. Revelling in their new found sense of freedom, they lifted further and further into the sky and began to soar!


Taking that first step toward the edge can be one of the hardest steps that we ever take. The step that takes us away from the safety and comfort that we are so used to. However, we don’t learn to fly if we don’t take the chance to spread our wings (figuratively speaking of course). To step away from the edge and take the risk that all will be okay is a heart pounding (yet exhilarating experience) . Soaring can be difficult and down right scary but it is made even harder if we allow something to keep us tethered to where we are.

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What type of things may be holding you back from achieving your dreams or from going forward in life?Can you tick off any of the following? Guilt? Negative people? Self doubt? Fear? Poor self esteem? Lack of dreams? Unhappiness? Or is there something else that is holding you back?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. These famous words spoken by Lao Tzu have been re-quoted and memed millions of times. And each time, the power of these words only increases, rather than diminish. All it takes to learn to soar is to let go of what is holding you back and taking that first step.

So are you with me?

8 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

  1. Very nice, I have a lot of those problems keeping me from taking first steps and it’s really hard for me sometimes, getting motivated is the biggest problem for me. I’m trying though, little by little, day by day 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


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