Happiness is like a cupcake

ImageHappiness is like a cupcake…. once you’ve tasted it you just want to keep eating!!

Let’s give three cheers for being happy. It puts a smile on our face and a spring in our step. It radiates to the people around us like a ripple effect. Happiness makes it worth getting up in the morning and greeting the day. It releases it’s ‘feel good’ atoms into the air and makes everything seem more beautiful. Happiness begins with a smile and then it travels to our eyes, our hearts and our minds. It is worth more than money or precious jewels. Happiness begins with you.

Happiness differs from cupcakes in one area. Happiness won’t go straight to your hips!

Be happy today 🙂


Another old journal post to share today:

“Today I want to talk about time. Time is important for us all. It provides structure to our days and helps us in countless ways. However, many people become slaves to time. There are exceptions to this rule I know. I have family members who we always know will turn up for any event at least an hour late. We expect this. We laughingly refer to their lateness as running on ‘Joseph Time’. Continue reading

Sharing the Beauty Part 2

So today is a glorious Sunday. There are hardly any clouds in the sky (shame really because we need the rain), the flowers are in bloom, HRH Princess Smudge is sitting beside on the window sill looking out on the world, my water feature is bubbling away and it is Bathurst Day. That means my friends (for those of you who don’t live in Australia or know about the world of V8 Supercar racing) Continue reading