A Day in the Life (Melbourne Cup Edition)

The Melbourne Cup

I saw this post over at the Irish Wench’s blog “To See the World in a Grain of Sand” http://ourgrainofsand.wordpress.com/ and thought “What a great idea. Let’s see if I can bore you all with my day yesterday πŸ™‚ ?” After all, I live such an exciting life!

My day started at around 4.30am when HRH Princess Smudge jumped up on the bed demanding attention from the Garden Gnome and myself. She does this by turning on her V8 engine and pushing her head into our hands. The desired response is for us to scratch her behind her ears and pat her head. This of course is not always the response that she receives, dependent upon the level of alertness of her loyal subjects. This morning, I raised myself one one elbow, cracked an eye open at the clock and then decided that an extra half an hour sleep is exactly what I required. The princess gave up on her challenge, jumped down and padded off to somewhere else in the house.

At 5am, I bounced out of bed feeling surprisingly good. All traces of yesterday’s headache had disappeared. Heading to the kitchen, I fill the kettle and switch it on. Whilst waiting for it to boil, I begin making the Tween’s lunch and tidying the kitchen. I only need to take morning and afternoon tea for me today as we were having a lunch at work. Once the kettle has boiled and my choice of brew for the day is steeping (Tetley Green Tea with Persimmon), I takemy mug and switch on the computer.

This is my time to read what all my friends in the blogosphere are up to, comment, read emails and write before the hustle and bustle of the day really takes over. Opening the window, I notice there is a bit of cloud cover today and the weather is a little cooler than usual for this time of the year but there are no complaints from me. I love the cooler weather! The birds are chattering away outside. I can hear lorikeets screeching and magpies warbling. The water feature bubbles merrily away beside my window.

Once I have spent an hour or so in doing this, I turn off the computer and go out to the kitchen to finish what I began earlier. I do the dishes and wipe the benches and open up the rest of the house to let the light and air circulate. Finding my iPad, I head into our spare room for my morning meditation. This is my favourite time of day. Often pearls of wisdom make themselves known to me at this time. At these times I thank the thought, make a mental note to remember it later and then go back to my breathing. This morning I had a couple of great ideas for future blog posts and an article.

Once my meditation is over, I write down these ideas (I know what my memory is like and entrusting things to paper is the best thing ever) and then go to wake the Tween. She mumbles at me and rolls over. So I open her curtains and blind and flood the room with light. I do believe the mumble becomes a curse of some kind at this point. It is time for me to get ready for the day. Since it is Cup Day, I dress up and put the Fascinator I bought in Melbourne a few months ago in my hair. I’ve been saving it especially for today.

For those of you who have no idea what the Melbourne Cup is, it is a horse race held on the first Tuesday in November every year. It has been running for over 100 years now and it is described as ‘the race that stops a nation’. Maybe this isn’t strictly true, but most people use it as an excuse to have fun on the day, Eat chicken and drink bubbles. in our case the bubbles are non alcoholic since we are working and clients are joining us for lunch. If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne, you are gifted with a public holiday. The rest of the country still have to work. Apparently if everyone stopped for a horse race, the country would grind to a halt! πŸ˜‰

Once I have dressed, made my breakfast smoothie, helped the Tween with her hair and gathered myself together we all troop out the door to start the day. Waving to our new neighbours and the postie, we pile into the Bommodore and hit the road. I drop the Tween and the Garden Gnome at her school. (He will walk home from there and so get his daily exercise). I go to work. Then the bedlam begins.

Amongst my normal duties for the day, I am organising the sweeps for the race and the luncheon. This keeps me busy until race time at 2.00pm (Qld time) when the race takes place. My little family do quite well in the sweeps, thanks in part to the fact that there were still horses unclaimed in two of the sweeps so I bought the extra tickets. Once the hype has died down, I then get on to the normal everyday things that I do at work each day. My headache has decided to come back.

Coming home from work, I find the Tween watching ‘Dance Moms’ (again!!) and the Garden Gnome (lulled into into an almost catatonic state) sitting beside her. I put my head on a cushion and lay there for some time until it is time to cook dinner. Tonight we are having stir fry. My family dislike crunchy vegetables so it takes somewhat longer to cook to ensure that all vegetables are soft! After dinner, I lay on the couch once again and watch ‘Home and Away’ (seriously people, never move to Summer Bay. It could be hazardous to your health) and then ‘Dancing with the Stars’. I don’t see the end of the show and wake to an episode of ‘Body of Proof’. I used to like Dana Delaney in China Beach. I think she’s still pretty good. Since my family appear to have left me and gone to bed, I figure it’s time for me to shower and do the same. My headache hasn’t left me and is still pounding. Maybe a good night’s sleep will do the trick. πŸ™‚

All in all, a pretty boring day in the life of me. But I think it’s a bit of fun to reflect on the day. It wasn’t a Grey Sky Day, and it was pretty close to being a Blue Sky Day (apart from the headache) so I’m thankful!


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life (Melbourne Cup Edition)

  1. I think your tween has great taste in ‘Dance Moms’. I’m addicted to Abbey Lee πŸ™‚ I’m a fairly bad cook (I know my failings ha ha) and so my hint for soft stir fry veges (rather than the crisp which i love) was found accidentally. I microwaved them first.As to the Melbourne cup holiday I personally think at least NSW deserves the public holiday too πŸ™‚ I enjoyed reading about your day :))


    1. Abbey Lee annoys me so much. She is an opinionated p.i.t.a. πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for reading about my day. It wasn’t an extraordinarily exciting one but it was enjoyable (until the headache). And if NSW gets a public holiday then Qld should too πŸ˜‰


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