Finding Joy in Accomplishment

ImageAllow me a moment to pat myself on the back. Although I am quite competent in the basics of sewing due to the efforts of both a seamstress mother and a diligent Home Economics teacher during my childhood and teenage years, I yearned to master the art of quilting. There is something appealing about using different fabrics and textures to create a thing of beauty. My sewing class instructor has realised my love of all things different and will point out to me particular patterns or ideas that she thinks I might enjoy. These are dreams for my future but I am pleased that she recognises my creative spirit. Right now, I need to master the basics. So in honour of my love of Christmas, I have combined the two and quilted a table runner. To create this, I learned appliquΓ©, measuring and creating my own binding, following an incomplete pattern and free motion quilting. These were all firsts for me.

ImageDon’t look too closely at my free motion quilting as it is not very precise. However for my first time doing this, I am quite pleased. I was thinking of giving this table runner to my mother however I have fallen in love with it and it will join my ever growing collection of Christmas items and ornaments.

I finished this on my ‘Grey Sky Saturday’ and cutting the final thread gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment imaginable. It certainly parted the grey clouds for a short while. I would think that finishing a project of any shape or kind should create a sense of accomplishment don’t you? I know I’m not unique in finding joy in what I have achieved.

I wonder how many of us brush that joy off instead of enjoying it for a short time. Finally completing anything comes with a sense of relief but we should also be happy and joyful that we have achieved something. Just because others may not see it as worthwhile or a great achievement, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t. I was reading a blog post the other day from one of the many wonderful bloggers that I follow and she wrote about eating a wonderful Roast Chicken dinner made by her father. For her to do this was an achievement. She should be so proud of herself.

We know our limitations, fears and misgivings so to fly in the face of these to achieve something that is worthwhile in our lives is cause for celebration don’t you think?Β  My challenge to you today, is to achieve something in your life and to celebrate it and find the joy!

p.s. The Garden Gnome was suitably impressed with my efforts and has commissioned to me to make a ‘manly quilted bar runner’ in Holden colours (black, red and white). I love that man!


16 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Accomplishment

  1. That looks great! Excellent job.

    You’re right. All too often we don’t give ourselves enough credit for our accomplishments, no matter how big or small they are. My accomplishments today will come as soon as I stop procrastinating.


  2. That’s just FANTASTIC, my friend! I believe I completely understand what you mean. It feels wonderful when we allow ourselves to feel some well-deserved praise and pride in our accomplishments…especially if those things we have completed have been a long time in the making. Depression tends to kill our creativity and confidence in our ability to take on even some of the simplest of tasks or projects. My own little (huge, for me) accomplishment just came to its full realization about a week and a half ago…I cannot describe the whole new lease on life it has given me, both mentally and even physically. Isn’t it wonderful when we allow ourselves to feel a little love for the self?
    I envy you that you are mastering the craft of needle and thread…my best stitching concerned the
    kind involved with closing incisions and wounds. I can’t even put up pics to brag about those!


    1. Thank you Rusha. I am a slow sewer and only seem to get the chance every couple of weeks. I have a couple of small unfinished projects though that I should finish off and I will post when I do πŸ™‚


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