This morning I sang (and I will again tomorrow)

Dancing queens: Christine Baranksi, Meryl Streep and Julie Walters

When I was younger I spent a lot of time singing. Out loud. I was in choirs and ensembles and enjoyed using my voice. Music and singing was a big part of my life. I would sing in church, in the car, in my bedroom and in the shower. One night (whilst I was practicing a choir piece in the shower) an unknown person ‘rocked’ our roof. It became quite the joke amongst my family that my singing had driven someone (my guess it was the teenager who lived a couple of doors away) to throw rocks on the roof.

Somehow over the years, my singing has diminished. Oh, there are still the odd occasions when I break into song and add a bit of a dance whilst I am in the kitchen. Of course this necessitates the obligatory eye roll from Miss-almost-twelve-going-on-twenty-five (a.k.a. The Tween) and the Garden Gnome, however my frequency in these little segues has decreased over time. Around Christmas time, it increases somewhat due to my love of all things Christmas – including carols. At these times, even the Tween will sometimes join in. After all, it’s all part of building the Christmas spirit.

So why blog about singing if I haven’t done it in so long?

Those who have followed my blog since the beginning would remember my post “This Morning I Danced” . I shared this post with one of my colleagues and then the other week, she came to me with the suggestion for the post I am writing now. She explained that she had been singing with her children that morning as they were getting ready for the day, taking turns to hand around the hairbrush ‘microphone’. They had had a wonderful time and felt fabulous afterward. She commented that it had really changed her outlook on the coming day.

I wondered why singing has so much impact and looked into it. Apparently singing has proved to provide emotional, mental and social benefits. When a person sings, their heart rate increases, breathing improves and so does lung capacity, mood and posture. Who would have thought? Studies have gone on to prove that whilst singing alone is great, singing with others is awesome! Not only does singing with others provide a sense of community, it increases self-confidence, empowerment, well-being and interpersonal skills. It lowers feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety due to the release of endorphins! Experts have even said that singing is just as good for mind and body as playing sport (although die-hard sports fanatics would disagree with this point, those of us with only a moderate interest in sport would enjoy this alternative). Apparently singing promotes mental and physical fitness and improves posture.

The article I read went on to say that singing has shown to reduce the impact of asthma, lung disease and respiratory ailments. For those preparing for childbirth, singing will assist in your preparations.

When people are stressed, they hold their breath and breathe irregularly. If they begin to sing, their breathing improves and the stress begins to dissipate. I guess it’s worth a try next time you are depressed or stressed to see if it helps. Surely the change in breathing and the release of endorphins has got to be a good thing. Having watched endless re-runs of Sound of Music and Mamma Mia, I notice that the really unhappy people in those shows are the ones that don’t sing, so there must be some truth to the theory don’t you think?

So what are you waiting for? Go on…

Crank up your radio, stereo or other music device, grab the nearest hairbrush or hairdryer and belt out a tune!!


15 thoughts on “This morning I sang (and I will again tomorrow)

  1. My mom sings all the time and at 36 years old, I still roll my eyes at her. Of course, then I go around singing all the time. So, if I had kids I’m sure there would be a lot of eye rolling in my house.

    I totally agree that singing can provide a great emotional boost. I always feel great during and after, especially with songs that are really meaningful or perfect for the mood I’m in.

    And I love the bit about all the health benefits. Now I don’t have to workout I can just sing Katy Perry songs and drive my husband crazy and get the same benefits. Thanks and keep on singing πŸ™‚


    1. Oh Jennifer, your reply made me seriously laugh out loud. I read it to the colleague who inspired this post and she laughed too.
      Keep driving your husband crazy with Katy Perry!!! The visuals had us in hysterics.


  2. I love nothing more than singing along to songs in my car ( or while watching musicals on TV or DVD ) sometimes I have glanced at other cars near me at traffic lights , raised an eyebrow smiled and kept singing. My kids used to find it as u put it ‘eye roll worthy’ . I say ….lets keep singing πŸ™‚


  3. There’s a man I used to know who was a survivor of a stroke. As with some survivors, he had a terrible time speaking. The nerves to allow this were damaged. Yet, he could sing, and he had a wonderful voice. Although he was too shy to sing in public, he was able to have conversations with friends through singing.


  4. My siblings used to roll around the floor in pain when I sang. (I’m exaggerating, but they let me know I couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket) Seriously, I can’t sing—but I am ALWAYS looking for anything that will help with asthma and lung disease. So, if I can eat healthy foods, exercise, I can certainly sing–when nobody is around πŸ˜‰


  5. Totally endorse everything you’ve said on the practice!
    Thanks for expressing your appreciation of my posts. Did you find the ones I’ve written on choirs and musical productions and choral tantrums? They’re under ‘Suttonford’.


      1. Hi
        I looked through my musical posts and thought you might enjoy First Rehearsal, Sept 2013, Fifth Rehearsal, published today, Sing Something Simple October, 2012, Copper Bottomed Coffee Pot 28th Oct 2013 and Opera in the Park 1 and 2 June, 2013. Enjoy!


        1. Thanks Candia.
          I am waaaayyy behind on reading and commenting at the moment but it is now the weekend. I’ll make every effort to check out those posts that you’ve mentioned. πŸ™‚ Thanks for thinking of me.


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