15 thoughts on “Random…

    1. I wrote this as I finished meditating and realised that a storm had broken outside. (There is another one right now as I am typing this). It’s been a week for them.


      1. I miss storms..sounds silly but I miss my African thunderstorms (not those devastating kind that hit the US!! – obviously) – the electricity in the air is fabulous – so so sooo many memories of storms.
        It is a wonderful metaphor too dont you think? 😀


        1. We’ve had quite a few supercell storms recently leaving wind and hail damage. Luckily those have missed us. I love laying on the bed in the dark and listening to the thunder and rain whilst the lightning flashes light the room.


          1. Oh – am am so jealous!! I also wrote a poem about the LACK of this natural force here in UK ;- We have had three ‘sort of ones’ in five years…which is disappointing 😉


  1. I love nothing more than lying in bed listening to rain falling down. There is , as you say a sense I calm amongst h chaos….excep or last night when w ha. Huge storm and I ad to pacif my anxious cat 😦


    1. It was a beautiful place to visit. The photo quality isn’t the best as it was raining lightly and I wanted to take a quick photo and climb back up the stairs to get back in the car lol.
      I love storms also. I’ve been spoiled this week with a storm every day for the past 7 days or so. 🙂


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