What do you really want?


So this morning in my meditation, I asked myself this question. What do you really want? My inner dialogue went something like this:

I want to be a published author and public speaker.

No! Look deeper. What do you really want?

Peace. I want peace.

Getting better. Why do you want peace?

It breaks my heart to see sadness and anger. Wars and violence. Men hurting others and themselves. I want to see peace.

And this is the only kind of peace you want?

No. I want to be peace.

Is that possible?

I believe it is.

What else do you want. You must really want it?

I want to help people.

How can you do that?

I’m not sure. But it’s like a yearning inside. I want to help.

So how can you do that?

By sharing myself with them. By listening. By being there.

Is there anything else you want?

Yes! I want to be love.

How can you be love?

I’m not sure but I want to be love. I want people to feel peace and love in my presence.

Can you do that? Can you be that person?

I don’t know. But I’m going to try.

I believe so.

18 thoughts on “What do you really want?

  1. My husband worked 11 years for Habitat for Humanity. He made peace happen, and he occasionally spoke. You might look into a non-profit — they always need those who can write, speak, and make peace. You have great talents!!


  2. Right now what I want is for my mind to turn off so I can get some sleep:) seriously though if you turn your mind to it I think you will be that person. In fact from your posts and comments I think maybe you are but you have blinkers on and can’t see it yet 🙂


  3. In life, these are things that we must all strive for. Peace, love and compassion toward others is lacking greatly in the world today and people need it more than ever. Great post.


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