Letting go

Sunset at Josephville Qld December 2010

Each afternoon, the day lets go of the sun as it sinks below the horizon. At many points in our life, we find that we need to let things go. Letting go is not an easy thing to do. When we let go of something, a part of us goes with it.

Recently I have been personally challenged to simplify my life and to let go of things. This is both spiritually and physically. Funny that I am finding the spiritual release of habits and thoughts so much easier than letting go of physical things. I classify myself as a ‘collector’. I am not a hoarder but I do like to accumulate what the Garden Gnome affectionately calls ‘clutter’. My clutter involves a craft/computer room bursting at the seams with paints, fabrics, scrapbooking supplies, ribbons, buttons, books, beads, tools and other assorted items associated with many of the crafts that I indulge in when I have time. I have enough supplies to keep me going until well after I retire. However, I don’t have the time to complete everything that I have. I need to clear out my stash. Focus on one or two things (I’ve chosen mixed media and sewing) and then eliminate the rest. I’ve talked about doing this a lot but I’m struggling to actually physically remove these items from my room. It’s like losing a part of me.

Then there is my book collection. I have favourite authors that I have bought (and read) every book they have ever written. I have collections of books. Will I ever read them again? Probably not but I find it difficult to let go of the books. Two days ago, I took the first step and cleared a bag full of books from my stash to go to my mother (who sells them at markets). It was almost physically painful. I will never lose my love of books and buying them but I need to learn to let go when I have finished them. (I’m mainly talking fiction here. If I find a good self help or craft book, it adds to my resources).

Holding on to things that serve no purpose in life is not a profitable past time. My head knows that but my soul is still learning. I know that once I eliminate the clutter my life will be freer but I keep putting off doing something about it. Once or twice, I have gone into my craft collection and picked something up to evaluate whether I can part with it or not. I have put it down again and walked away vowing I will do this when I am stronger. Why do I have such an attachment to inanimate objects? That is probably a whole other blog post ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will do this you know. I can do it. I know that if I am being prompted to do this, then it is for my higher good.

Wish me luck.


21 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. I too cling to ‘favorites’, books being my major collection, but when it comes to clothing or craft projects/supplies, I find I have to be brutal and if I have not used it in the last three projects or six months I must let it go then and there. It is difficult for me because I have lost much and many in my life therefore I cling to inanimate objects and having these things give me comfort


      1. you have my sympathy for this most difficult task, I know it is brutal must be done, now my sister just redid her spare bedroom into her craft room and by re organizing she was able to keep everything but most of us don’t have that luxury. I would help you if I lived close. Good luck…..sorry I am so chatty this morn. God Bless


  2. A few thoughts: 1) I had a stuffed animal ‘collection’ it was mostly sentimental little bears that had been given to me as gifts. They took up SO much room, I took pics of them grouped together, bagged up the bears and gave them to our local women’s shelter. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I miss the bears, I just look at their photo! With project-sort-of-stuff, call an area elementary school, they LOVE crafty stuff, because generally they don’t have any sort of budget for the fun stuff! You are doing good things, out with the old, in with the new thoughts (not new stuff)! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Great idea on the stuff animals. I have some that were given to me by people that hold sentimental value. They are in a box up in the top of my robe. Maybe a photo and a digital scrapbook layout explaining why they mean so much to me would be a good idea. Thanks for that idea.
      As for the craft stuff, I would probably donate much of it to where I work and some of it can go to my daughter for her children. There is a lot there so I’m thinking of listing some for sale.
      Thanks for the suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Downsizing, simplifying…it’s all good. For me, I get real pleasure from knowing that something I no longer use/need will be used by someone who can enjoy it more, perhaps in great need too. I think when we pile up too many possessions, they become burdens, not pleasures anymore. There are some special things that I can’t give up, attached to good memories and people I love. But so much is just “stuff” isn’t it? I wish you success on this journey…it’s a great plan.


    1. I get pleasure in knowing that someone else gains pleasure from things as well. I regularly de-clutter other parts of my home and donate it to others but struggle when it comes to my books and craft things.
      Thanks for your good wishes Geraldine.


  4. I think it’s great that you are working to de-clutter your life and your home. My policy with material objects, is if they go untouched for two years then I obviously don’t need them. However, when push comes to shove, getting rid of things is definitely a challenge.


  5. You must be a Gemini! Or my long-lost twin sister. I too am a major crazy biblio-phile. Non-fiction is my fortress…resources. I have a literal library here. A few that are fiction…very few though. Once I divorced, I had to learn a lot about a lot. So I began to amass a ook collection than make people turn green. I, too, have a terrible time letting stuff “go”. Ugh! Kids art from grade school. Report cards. Gosh they’re grownups now! I have too much STUFF! Crafts stuff–YES!!!! I painted, collected, bird-watch, photograph, you-name-it-I-do-it, yikes! I also dabble in practicing law, medicine, claims adjusting, law enforcement administration, and medical billing and coding…aside from classroom instruction, public speaking, and writing. I am certified, qualified, licensed, degreed, yet unemployed. God help me I am a mess.
    That’s me in a nutshell.
    Feel like my sister yet? ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. You sound so much like me CJ but I am a Leo. lol
      I have bookshelves full of ‘resources’ and then an overflow into cupboards purchased especially for the purpose of housing further resources.
      I keep all the stuff from my kids as well but once they both married, I gave it all to them.
      My goodness lady, you are one educated gal. I am certified and degreed also however I am employed full-time. Just in a slightly different role than my dream job of being a best-selling author on the book signing/speaking engagement circuit! (A girl’s gotta have dreams right Sis)?


  6. I was just talking to my therapist this week about my inability to throw things out ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not a terribly bad hoarder, but just give me 10 more years and I might be one of those people whose houses you can’t enter due to piles of paper etc! My empathy.


  7. I love the sunset picture. I too am a ‘collector’ . I decided a few months ago i would declutter and declutter I did. It was really hard cause every time you toss something out ..if you are like me… you think of why you had it, what it meant, its intended purpose and WHAT IF I NEED IT AFTER ITS GONE!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I read by Corrine Grant – Lessons in letting go – confessions of a hoarder. Although humourous it does have some good ideas… especially photographing things so you can keep a photo on disc of things you don’t need…so long as you don’t start collecting CDs then lol. you might like to look at the post . You arent alone ๐Ÿ™‚ http://travellingmacs.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/motivaton-warm-up-exercise/


    1. I’ve actually read Corinne Grant’s book. It is hilariously funny but I really felt for her. Do you know how many times I’ve donated/discarded something only to need it not long after?


  8. My husband is a ‘collector’, as you put it. I’m the one who is always asking him if he’s used it or even touched it in the past 2 years. If not, I want it outa’ here NOW. All the books I read go to the second-hand book store in our town called The Book Cellar. I get credit for the books, which can be used to buy other books within the store.

    I do have some trouble letting go of some spiritual/psychological things from the past. I read somewhere that if you write letters, either to yourself or to the person that was involved, and not necessarily sending the letters, it helps you let go. This is something I need to do.


    1. Writing a letter sounds like a plan. I still have a stuffed toy that my brother gave me when I was 15. I don’t want to get rid of it because he gave it to me and now he’s gone. I have other things of his though so I really should prioritise them shouldn’t I? I’m sure he never hung on to anything that I ever gave him! lol


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