Stop lying to yourself


I chose this quote from Nick Vujicic  to include in the meme I’m sharing tonight. Those who don’t know who Nick is can click the link to read more about him. Nick was born without limbs but this hasn’t stopped him reaching out to others. He is currently travelling the world and holding evangelical meetings. He married a couple of years ago and has become a father in recent times.

I have read both books by this man and I am amazed at his courage and strength of character.

We all have troubles and trials in our lives and we can either choose to let them drag us down or to get up and fight another day. How we feel about ourselves figures largely in our response to any given situation. We need to stop lying to ourselves and believe that we are worth every blessing that is bestowed upon us.

Blessings to you all 🙂

10 thoughts on “Stop lying to yourself

  1. I love this guy. He speaks to teenagers who are going through all that teen anxiety that can affect people so badly, and he shows them that they are perfect just as they are, and deserve to be loved. He is a real gift to the world 🙂


  2. You’re right, Suz, when I’m not feeling so good about myself I’m more defensive about any criticism thant comes my way. And when I’m happy with my world, I can brush off or laught at any slights.


  3. Sue Nick is an inspiration I saw an interview on him and was inspired by his passion for life. We need to love and believe in ourselves, otherwise how can we radiate this love out to those close to our hearts or those in need. Loved the quote a good way to start my day thanks.


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