Don’t grow up

Very, very old digital scrapbook layout that I did back in 2005

Yesterday, my oldest grandchild turned 6. Toward the end of her picnic at the park, she sat on my lap chatting with me. I asked her how it felt to be six. She replied that she wanted to be an adult. Her reasoning for this is that when she is an adult, she can eat whatever she wants and do whatever she wants. I wish being an adult involved such simple choices.

The graphic in my post is one of the very, very first digital scrapbook layouts that I ever did of my little girl (now the Tween and about to have a birthday of her own) having a conversation with her Teddy Bear. I loved that she would have conversations with her toys and tell them stories and interact with them. I wonder what wisdom the bear imparted to her. She also can’t wait to grow up (although she did her best to inform Miss 6 yesterday of the pitfalls of adulthood as seen through her eyes). I wonder if the bear told her that being young is wonderful. That seeing the world through young eyes is beautiful. To spend the days playing and enjoying life is something to be treasured. To be surrounded by people who love you is special. I would hope so. Because all too soon, time passes and little people become adults and realise the responsibility that comes with identifying with that particular demographic.

And so yesterday, I encouraged my grandchild to hang on a little longer to her childhood innocence and wonder and to leave worrying about being an adult to the adults because with adulthood comes many changes.

Have a blessed day.

6 thoughts on “Don’t grow up

  1. Am I the only one who wasn’t in a hurry to grow up? I remember my friends wanting to be old enough to date, drive a car, drink alcohol, be out on their own. I was always willing to wait for these things. And I wasn’t creative enough to talk to any of my toys. I was too much of a realist from the time I was born.


  2. Awww. I hear that! My oldest grandson will be 6 on Saturday! I wish I could stop him from getting any bigger he is so cute. Yours is a cutie too! Very.


    1. Yes, yes she is. I had a delightful telephone conversation with her yesterday evening that degenerated into name calling between her and her Pa. Something about smelly monkeys and stink bugs. lol 😉


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