It did it… but it was painful..


My craft room! Also known as ‘The Abyss’ to the Garden Gnome. It needed not only a clean but a huge sort out and I needed to discard many things. Unfortunately, when it came to my collection of wooden and cling stamps I couldn’t  part with any, however I was ruthless with some of my card making and scrapbooking items. All sewing materials stayed and anything I could incorporate into mixed media was also kept. (Well not everything as there is only so much tissue paper, paper bags and bubble wrap that you can accumulate). I struggled but I think I made a good fist of it. I will probably go through in another twelve months or so and discard even more items but for now, I think I have done well.


You will probably notice that my desk doesn’t look too much cleaner than it was prior to beginning. I would like to point out that I did clear my desk and then put all of the books and information that I have accumulated to assist in writing my book onto the desk rather than in a pile on the floor. The following photo is most of the items that I have put aside to be donated to those who can use them better. (Apart from all my beading items which I have a buyer for).


Next on my list are my books. Now that’s going to be hard….

14 thoughts on “It did it… but it was painful..

  1. That must have taken a lot of deep breathing. I’m very proud of you. I have done my wardrobe and cupboards of gadgets but I still have my computer room full of ‘ memory items’ . I keep saying I will cull it but the situations (excuses) not to are overbearing? It’s funny with books how difficult it is to part with them. Perhaps you could either have a sale of them or a giveaway of them so you know some one else benefits. Our local Rotary club frequently has book sales and welcome donations. You might find a service club near you that does it too.


    1. We have a second hand bookstore about 20 minutes away where I get credit on future purchases. I already have like a zillion dollars credit there though. My mother also does markets and sells books so a lot will go to her.
      I find books the hardest to part with though. 😦


  2. Good for you! That’s a chore I really dread. We will be moving in the spring which of course means a big sort through of not just craft supplies but pretty much everything. No use paying to move things we no longer use or need. At least it will give me something to do over the winter 🙂


  3. Good for you! I hold on to every scrap of fabric just in case I need it down the road. And everything looks so organized now. I’m a little jealous–my stuff is just scattered around the basement.


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