Courage when you’re scared


Meet Bethany Hamilton, who at 13 years of age lost her arm to a shark whilst surfing. It didn’t stop her though. She was back in the water as soon as she could get there. Image

If anyone could talk about courage, it would be this woman. Heck, after I read the book Jaws (I was too scared to see the movie for a long, long time) I refused to swim in the sea. I live in Australia and shark attacks occur once or twice a year around the country. I figure, they won’t bother me, if I don’t go out to where they live. However, I digress…. Bethany not only recovered from her tragedy, she triumphed. She surfs competitively and has not let her past define her future. She’s even taught others to surf. ImageYes, that is Nick Vujicic on the surfboard with her. Double courage right there!!

So when there is something in life that scares you, let it! Just don’t let the fear stop you from stepping out and going forward.

Have a blessed day!

8 thoughts on “Courage when you’re scared

  1. I have seen her story on tv a number of times over the years and clearly recall when this happened to her. Isn’t it amazing her resiliency and personal resolve? Fantastic and inspirational!


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