Setting goals and living in the moment

ImageHow is it possible to live in the moment but have goals for the future? It doesn’t make sense really does it? However it is possible.

Close your eyes and think of something that you really want to achieve. It could be anything. A published book, a change of jobs, a new house, a healthier lifestyle…. The list really is endless. Now that you’ve made your decision, set your goal. Say it out loud “I am a published author” or “I am fit and healthy”. Think of how you can achieve that goal. It may be going to the pantry and throwing out anything that isn’t terribly healthy for your body or putting on your joggers to go for a run. It could be writing an outline for a book you’d like to publish. Either way, these are positive steps that you can take NOW to take you toward your goal.

Live in the moment, but make those moments count!

And don’t take your eye off the goal because the obstacles will then get in the way. “I’ve put on two pounds and I don’t know why. I’m going to give up” or “This is all too hard”. Obstacles come along on our quest to our goal but if we keep our eyes firmly on what we wish to achieve then we can just jump over the obstacles with minimal effort. Makes sense to me.

So that is my pep talk to myself this morning. Thanks for joining me in my inner conversations. Hope you find it helpful also 🙂

Have a blessed day.

18 thoughts on “Setting goals and living in the moment

  1. I was just talking to a young friend about this. She has had such an awful life, up to this point. She is seeking therapy, but is still stuck on what happened to her. I told her the only thing we can control is this moment, but we needed to realize that what we do at this moment could affect our future. Basically, the same thing you were saying to yourself. We can’t fix the past, and worry over the future is useless. Make a goal, with small steps to reach those goals.Don’t give up because of one little slip, mistake, or 2 pounds! Ha! Listen to me–the person with the inability to construct a future…but I’m working on it. 🙂


  2. I completely agree. It is so important to live in the now, but also vital for our future to have goals. We must have something to work towards in order to keep us moving forward in life. Otherwise, we will become stagnant and that accomplishes nothing. Enjoy the now, live for the now and plan for tomorrow.


  3. Live in the moment! This is so important. The only thing we have complete control over in our lives is what we do right now. What we do right now is going to shape and mold what happens tomorrow and in our future. So yes, make goals and take action NOW to see to it that you accomplish those goals. Be the change that you want to see and begin that change right now!


  4. “Live in the moment, but make those moments count!”
    That was me last night specifically. I’m on a weightloss goal and have made lots of changes to my lifestyle to achieve my goal.My live in the moment goal was wearing a cardigan over my dress last night that actually came from a ‘regular size’ store, while eating a calorie laden Chinese food banquet.Having had a really light food day I could enjoy fully the night but keeping my goal in sight. Definitely an enjoyable moment 🙂


  5. Its good to be clearing of negativity — as much as possible. The most important thing Often we have needs or fears that are hiding inside — take and practice maintaining focus for a few seconds and gradually increase the time and though is that the objective should be supported by good reasons — reasons that make the objectives seem as necessary as a glass of water. Focus — when the ego presents an objection, generally there is a need or a habit or fear behind the ego interferences. For instance… focus on getting a job helping others; a few seconds pass and focus moves off onto a nice sandwich — eat and then return.. Now 8-10 seconds pass as the focus is present and suddenly there is a flash of anger or resentment — what is it? Find out and clear it if possible — maybe better reasons for the objective will help and maybe realization that the anger or resentment is not useful will help. Feelings of fear are probably lurking in back of any anger or resentments — maybe feeling inadequate or anxious — why? If these interruptions control to many moments, the focus and desire to pursue an objective may not prevail. Don’t give up. Prayer and meditation are useful because inner peace and serenity help us to determine what to do about the feelings that may interfere with moving us towards an objective.


    1. Eric, have you been eavesdropping on my meditations? Although it is generally quicker than a few seconds – more like a nano-second before my mind skips off somewhere else. lol


  6. I was listening to a radio talk program the guest was Chris Hatfield, an astronaut, who has a book out. He laughing answered the question: What is there after space? He said you must set SOMETHING in the long-term to focus pulls you in SOME direction, keeps you on a track of progress so that you don’t wander off..get lost or lose your goals..he says it can be small or great…


        1. Thanks CJ. I have one of his books and I am enjoying reading it but the man himself kinda gives me the creeps. Have you ever watched Grimm? If you have and seen the ‘rat’ people then you would understand where I’m coming from. 😉


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