I wish I were


somehow over the years

my edges have become worn

and, at times

I admit to you

that my temper has frayed.

My conversation has been known

to be


Yes! And my soul

has been tarnished, and

my sense of humour

has warped.

As the years go on

my joints will become still

and my eyes will dim.

My body

will grow weary and tired

and my vision will fade.


I wish I were.


somehow over the years

my spirit

has grown stronger

and my resolve


I look to the day

when I will be at


once more.


Not yet!

But give me time!

(July 1982)

9 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. That’s great! No one is perfect, but can sure strive to be. There is always room for improvement. For some us (like me), there’s room for lots of improvement. 🙂


    1. I definitely agree that as the rough edges are worn down by age and maturity, we become closer to being our perfect selves. Not perfect in the sense of the word but the best that we can be. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.


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