Wait! I don’t know if I want to grow up!

Barbie – The Princess and the Pauper

Yesterday, my Tween, her tween friend and tween friend’s teenager sister were sitting in our lounge room and watching a movie on TV. I laughed when I realised that they had put on one of the Tween’s old Barbie DVDs. I smiled as I listened to the conversation and the camaraderie emanating from the room as they watch the movie. It struck me as highly amusing that they wanted to watch a movie they had loved when they were younger but with older eyes, they were seeing things that they had missed previously. The comments were hilarious as they poked holes in the plot and the characters.

I discussed it with the Garden Gnome later and he had noticed the same thing. We both laughed. It must be hard to be at a place in your life where you want to hang on to your childhood but adulthood is coming at you 100 miles an hour. It doesn’t make it easier that the world is pushing grown up values on children.

I just want the Tween to continue to live in a Barbie fairytale for as long as she can before real life catches up.


15 thoughts on “Wait! I don’t know if I want to grow up!

  1. My son and my youngest will be 21 soon and I still miss taking him to the movies to see the latest movie cartoon releases. Don’t tell anyone, but H and I even considered going to see ‘Frozen’ over the weekend – but NO we opted for the new Hunger Games movie instead! Yes, its even hard for parents to let go of their children’s childhood.


    1. Definitely difficult to let go of her childhood. Having her later in life, I believe I have enjoyed her so much more. Although I adore my older children I don’t think I took the time to enjoy their childhood as much.


    1. My two favourite scenes in Finding Nemo are when Dory meets Nemo’s dad and speaks with him and then thinks a stranger is following her. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…
      And the seagulls “Mine, Mine” lol


  2. It is so hard to try to get them to ‘savor these moments’ because they WANT to grow up more than anything else…when we would just love more than anything else to find a way to keep them this way for a few more years…;)


  3. “pushing grown up values on children” – They sure are! Kids these days feel that they have to grow up fast. Otherwise they’re the odd one out. It shouldn’t be that way. They should feel welcomed by their peers and society as a whole, to hold onto their childhood, for it lasts only a short time.


    1. Oh yes. I saw some of my daughter’s school mates this afternoon after school. There were two girls and a boy and I thought “There is trouble for their parents in the next couple of years or so”. And I was blessed because I knew my daughter was at home with her Dad. 🙂


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