Living in the house of quirk!!


Life is certainly interesting in my home. There is generally never a dull moment as the whole family have an element of quirk. Yes, that is us in the photo above but I hasten to add it is a very old photo (as if you couldn’t tell because it’s sepia an all)….

Anyway, I digress. Which is not unusual for me lol…. This morning I walked around my home and took random photos. I would like to point out that none of these photos was set up in any way, however they may need some explanation.

ImageThis is the notice board that the First Born gave me for Christmas last year. It lives on the pantry door. There is another speech bubble below these two that is used as a reminder for actual important family business such as appointments and school functions. The top speech bubbles are randomly hijacked by various members of the house (i.e. the Garden Gnome, the Tween and myself). I have another one I prepared earlier (actually a couple of months ago) that I can also share.

ImageFor my next photo, let me set the scene. Just inside my front door/entry is a hall table. On the table I have a few ornaments including a meditating Buddha. He was packed away in a box the other night to make way for Christmas decorations. Last night, I found him replaced onto the sideboard and ‘decorated’ for Christmas.


I am speechless. What can I say? And then setting the scene for the last entry in the House of Quirk, I present another of my Christmas things. Prior to last night, this was a Gingerbread Man cookie jar. However, the Tween picked him up and he lost his head. Unfortunately, his head shattered into a hundred pieces onto the tiled floor. She was devastated and I was surprisingly okay with it. It is after all a material item that can be replaced. The Garden Gnome has provided a solution.

ImagePoor Rabbie!! The things a ‘real’ toy must endure. 🙂

Then I found this on the wall in our spare bedroom 🙂

004Those of you aussies who are familiar with Play School will understand the bottom one about the windows. 🙂

Please don’t be quick to judge us. We are after all fellow human beings… who also live in the House of Quirk!!

Have a blessed day. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Living in the house of quirk!!

    1. What is even funnier with the speech bubbles is someone will sometimes come along and rub out a word and replace it with something else. Which is why the whole dragon thing spiraled out of control. lol


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