The correlation between physical health and mental health

This weekend I am having a couple of “Grey Sky Days”. I know I will get through it but I am really down. I don’t feel like doing anything except lay in bed and sleep. However, I want to work on my quilt and I have promised the Tween that I will take in her graduation dress under her arms. Although we purchased the dress a couple of months ago, I have put off doing this until the 11th hour as she is still growing and changing shape. I was right, I need to take in very little under her arms now.

Anyway, as I was laying in bed I was thinking whether how we feel physically affects depression and mental health. I wondered this because I am not feeling well. I have a sore throat, a cough and my head feels dull and heavy. I wondered if this might be the catalyst for my grey days. So I have been researching and reading and discovered that I am right. The rates of depression amongst those suffering disease such as diabetes, heart failure, coronary disease and hypertension is almost double that of those in perfect physical health. In the UK, 11% of adult health care costs are attributable to physical symptoms exacerbated by mental illness. So it appears that physical and mental health are very closely linked. Whilst many of the articles I read indicated that those with serious illness are at risk of developing mental health issues (especially depression), many hinted at the fact that those who already are suffering depression may find their depression exacerbated when they are unwell.

So I will continue to eat healthy (as much as possible with the silly season upon us and Fruit Mince Pies beckoning me) and wait for this lurgy to pass. Whilst I am waiting, I will continue to look for the beauty and blessings in the every day.

Here is my list for today:

* I don’t have to alter the Tween’s dress as much as I initially thought

* I have found some more fabric to cut and add to my quilt. (I used the wrong pieces earlier on).

* I am breathing

* The First Born celebrates her birthday today

* The Diva let me pick her up this morning

* The Garden Gnome has been good with giving hugs today 🙂

Have a blessed day everyone.


34 thoughts on “The correlation between physical health and mental health

    1. Since I come from the Land Down Under we don’t have such wonderful inventions such as Netflix. However I have found some parts of this on You Tube and I have listened to the first part. I concur with all that they say. I made lifestyle changes several months ago and try to eat nothing processed and eat organic where possible (or when we can afford). I will look for the correlation between depression and niacin. That sound interesting. 🙂
      Thanks for the heads up Navigator. 🙂


        1. I listened to some of this whilst I was cutting the fabric for my quilt. It’s very interesting to say the least. A lot of what they spoke about was stuff I am already very familiar with however the correlation between Niacin and mental health is astonishing. Since I don’t think you can OD on a vitamin, I am willing to become a guinea pig and try this myself. Thanks for the headsup. 🙂


  1. sleep — feeling rested more importantly — is essential for beings to “clear” negativity. I have more to post on these matters — this is one of the important findings recently. Most people get behind on sleep during the course of a week and then many catch up — a regular sleep schedule is far better. So, stay rested and — one more thing: in the morning do some prayer and meditation and do whatever it takes to get started with a positive self-love and peaceful mind.

    Get well. God Bless.

    ~ Eric


    1. Thank you Eric. My sleep patterns are very regular and I do get enough sleep. I am just stressed with so much going on at this time of year and I think it has caught up and I’ve managed to get a summer cold.
      As for prayer and meditation – you’re speaking to the converted! 🙂 🙂
      Bless you Eric. 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences. So many of us feel this way often or sometimes but don’t talk about it.

    I have heard about the Niacin too, for a family member who struggles with these issues. Hopefully that will do the trick!




  3. Totally agree that physical health goes hand in hand with mental health. Nothing more debilitating mentally than feeling unwell especially when you top it with an assortment of ‘must -dos’ that you know you don’t have the energy for as a result of being physically sick. Do the things that are essential (guessing the dress is needed this week) and anything else leave for another time and top up on the hugs from the ‘Garden Gnome’ cause they will definitely be the best medicine 🙂


    1. Definitely the hugs are pretty good. He actually bought me a little thing once that he said was a hug so he wouldn’t have to give me any more… ha ha 🙂
      The dress has been done. Graduation is Tuesday night. And next year is high school. 😦


        1. She is so excited about her party but a little uncertain about high school. She has already spent a day there. She told me that the one subject she wants to do is Ag Mechanics where they learn about fixing cars and doing engines etc. It probably helps that one of our friends is the teacher. 🙂


    1. Ha ha… the whole post is about how I am feeling and you ask about the fruit mince pies… rofl 🙂
      When have I ever said that I don’t like them? I still remember you making them when we were kids and we all took turns to stir the mixture each day. 🙂


  4. Hope you are feeling better and have passed throughout this low. When we recognize where we are and give it some caring space the energy moves through us more easily. On the other hand a bad cold sucks!


  5. I guess I have a double whamie. Part of my disability includes General Anxiety Disorder, which is incredibly like to clinical depression. This is a physical illness for me. When it’s more active, which, luckily isn’t too often, you won’t even see me get out of my pajamas for the entire day. Yep, a little depressed.

    With this said however, sun light is helpful during these times, even if you have to make it artificially.

    I hope you have a smile on your face soon.


    1. Thanks Glynis. Plenty of sunshine in this part of the world right now. I didn’t really want to get out of my pj’s yesterday but I forced myself. Today I have to go to work.
      I’m sorry you have GAD. That must be so difficult to live with at times. 😦


  6. I’ve battled depression all my life and have a myriad of physical issues I don’t discuss too often. I will go so far as to say that our spiritual health affects our physical bodies. Stress too can really change the makeup of our systems. What we eat too affects me greatly and inflammation is my enemy! We are what we eat. Life is about balance to me and I’m constantly trying to achieve it. Some days I’m completely out of whack and I can usually trace it back to being spiritually depleted or having eaten too much sugar or too much dairy, or catching a cold. I hope you feel better soon and that your spirit is lifted up once that happens. Hugs!


    1. Laura, thank you for your comments. I am feeling a little better today.
      I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about eating and mental health. I was a little naughty last night and shared some dip, cheese and crackers with some friends and I payed for it. When your body becomes used to good food, it doesn’t like things it doesn’t normally have 🙂
      Have a beautiful day. 🙂


    1. Thank you dear one 🙂
      I called work this morning to tell them I couldn’t come in only to have them ask me to come in until they could find someone to cover for me as all of the other admin staff have dropped also. I worked for an hour and then came home to bed. I’m heading out to the doctor in a few minutes.
      Yes, I’ve read Louise’s book and I think I may own it. Or I could have loaned it to my First Born and never seen it since… hmmmm
      Thanks for thinking of me 🙂


        1. Well doctor says it is viral although she couldn’t find anything specifically wrong with me. She knows I don’t visit unless I need to and since the last time she saw me was 5 months ago she took me seriously and gave me another day off to rest. And is sending me for more blood tests again 😦


          1. Make the most of the day off, rest hard! 🙂
            Sleep is a wonderful thing. Sunshine. Water – a nice soak in the tub. Try a bit of colouring if you like, it seems to make me sleepy and calm, and sometimes scribbling down some colour can help sort things out in the mind, that are perhaps hard to get to otherwise. All the best!


  7. Look at all the people you touch—so wonderful! My primary torturer keeps telling me that diet and exercise are the keys to happiness and physical health—I think she is in cahoots with my therapist, my psychiatrist, and my pulmonologist. They are all guilt makers when I have to go in and say–no, I haven’t been exercising. And—I’m trying to eat well.


    1. Yes, April I feel very blessed with all the comments on this post. (Even though my mother was only interested in my comment about fruit mince pies 😉 ).
      I told my doctor about my blog last night. She was amazed that there are so many people who feel the isolation of depression and reach out through the internet. I also told her about you. She said to tell you that my ‘drug pusher’ has now given me more to keep me going 🙂 She also wished us luck with our Zen Christmas challenge.
      I believe that diet and exercise are the keys you know. Definitely diet. I asked my doctor about the Niacin. She said that she hadn’t heard of this but that she is happy for me to try it. So I will. If I can get off the drugs, I will be happy. 🙂
      Keep trying April 🙂


  8. I hope your new drug helps. I’m resigning myself that I may always have to take something. I would like to get off the drugs too. However, this latest one has helped me to organize my actions. With the big dinners, which usually end up with every bowl and pot dirty, flour all over the kitchen, and me a frantic mess—the new drug is coming in handy. Now to tackle my craft area, and office area.


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