Art Therapy


I’ve already commented just how wonderful writing is as a form of therapy and healing when you are suffering depression but there are other forms of therapy and self-expression. One of these is art. I’ve shared some of my art on this blog before but above is another of my creations using collage. I enjoy expressing myself in this manner. It stands to reason then that others enjoy the same processes. One of my favourite blogs Don Charisma has been sharing his love of photography (another of my passions). He posted a photo of graffiti that he had taken in Thailand and I remembered some of the photos I took when in Melbourne. There are many alleyways in this city that have been graffitied. Some of this graffiti consists of ‘tags’ but some of it is awe inspiring art. The scale of these is quite immense as proven by the comparison of the Tween beside them.


020019 011As you journey through life, create and inspire others. See the beauty in the every day. And be a light to others. 🙂

Have a blessed day 🙂


20 thoughts on “Art Therapy

  1. Your collage is beautiful, is the flower a flat picture or is it texture/3 dimensional? I love the graffiti art, especially the makatron octopus, it’s really cool.


    1. Thank you. The flower is actually leather and one I salvaged off an old belt I bought at a thrift shop (for the flower). lol
      The octopus is just awesome. It’s lucky it hasn’t been hit by ‘taggers’ yet.


    1. Thank you Glynis. Last night was her school graduation (she starts high school next year) and she was wearing a pretty dress. We were sooo proud of her. And she is just beautiful. It was nice to see her in a dress because she is a bit of a tomboy and lives in shorts or pants all the time. 🙂


  2. Those artists have real talent. They could take that so much further than the walls on which you shared with us. As I’m sure most of them do. There is a town I used to visit often, which had absolutely brilliant paintings on the walls that lined the small downtown area. They were breathtaking. It’s amazing to see how talented and creative people can be.


    1. Some people have amazing talent. It is wonderful that so many of the alleyways in Melbourne have been graffitied and the council allows it to stay. I was very disappointed to see the ‘taggers’ deface their artwork though.


  3. PS Like what you said about the therapeutic aspect of art and creativity … I reckon people often end up with bum-deals for jobs and lives and their creativity is stifled, definitely a cause for being pissed off … DC


    1. At my daughter’s graduation last night, her principal read to them from a speech that Nelson Mandela made. It spoke about making your dreams come true and following those dreams and not settling for anything less than what you want. It’s taken me almost 50 years but I’m finally doing that and my creativity is what keeps me alive. My sewing, painting and writing means the world to me.


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