What Life Isnt!


Malcolm Fraser who was Prime Minister of Australia from 1975 – 1983 has been quoted as saying “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”. He later declared that he had borrowed the words from George Bernard Shaw but that he had used them many times throughout his political career. Whilst I grew up remembering Malcolm Fraser saying them and not Mr Shaw, these words are now used in relation for everything from foreign policy to human tragedies.

So Mr Shaw has enlightened us on two points now – Life wasn’t meant to be easy and life isn’t about finding yourself. Drawing on Mr Shaw’s experience, he also tells us that a life spent making mistakes is honourable and life does not cease to be funny when people die. It appears that Mr Shaw appeared to know a lot about what life is (and isn’t). I took a quick poll (okay, I asked the Garden Gnome and the Tween) what they thought what life was not. Following are some of their responses:

* Life is not a tree

* Life is not a destination. It is a journey. (Yeh good one remembering the magnet on the fridge).

* Life is not something you can just walk through

The Garden Gnome then posed the question “What is life? Who tells us what life is or isn’t”? (Now technically that’s two questions but I wasn’t going to argue since he was humouring me by answering my questions). And you know, he has a very valid point. He quoted some other things that he has heard and offered his insights on these saying “Nobody can say that life is going to be easy (or not) because life is a mystery. You have to take it as it comes. If we knew what life was all about, it would become boring.” Sometimes I am just blown away at the depths of this man (and I am so not being a smart aleck).

My question is: Who are these people telling us what life should and shouldn’t be? Are these the same people who are telling us how we should respond to things in a certain way?

My thoughts are that the myriad of quotes that abound about life are those made solely based on that particular person’s experiences as they journey through this intricate maze called “Life”. What may be true for one person may not be the same experience of another. What it all comes down to is our DNA or what makes us tick. Not everyone will succumb to insurmountable obstacles and not everyone will fall apart when tragedy strikes. But there are many of us who do. And when these bad times come, the dog comes along for the ride. At these times, we clutch at the inspirational sayings of those who have gone before us and attempt to apply their wisdom to our own lives in order to drag ourselves from the gloom that fogs our mind and senses. And by golly, sometimes it works.

I have found that the more we repeat inspirational affirmations and sayings, the more our mind begins to believe our words. In reality it is creating a new habit. In this case, it is creating a new way of thinking. But in case you think it’s going to be easy (a bit like life apparently), it isn’t. Any new habit worth forming takes approximately 21 days of commitment. So in many cases when we are working at reprogramming our brain, the fog closes in after a few days and we end up back at the drawing board and we have to begin again. Reprogramming our brain to be happy takes time but it can be done! I choose to believe it can because after all –Β  Life is Beautiful! πŸ™‚

Have a blessed day πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “What Life Isnt!

    1. Very true. We never stop learning. Any person that believes they have learned all that they need to know is lying to themselves. And by sharing our experiences we may be able to touch others and help them in some way.


  1. We are what we speak. If we speak happy thoughts to ourselves, I believe that eventually those thoughts will become truth in our life. It takes a great deal of work to reprogram ourselves though and it can be a very long process. But, it sure is worth the effort.


  2. I seriously buy into this line of thought. (get the pun?) πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I write things that sound as I’m selling myself short, but I have absolutely changed my way of thinking. The approach to obstacles in a positive way has been more than I could imagine it would be. The mind is such a fascinating area—but I think I got gypped on the DNA.


  3. I just found out about this brilliant post of yours on Google+. I forget to visit that site. That quote is Malcolm Fraser’s legacy, I wasn’t aware either that he borrowed it from GBS.


    1. Thank you Irina. Did you see my other posts where I mentioned you in the awards?
      And I always thought that it was Malcolm Fraser’s words as well. There you go. lol


  4. Ironic you mention that saying my friend, I had a young nephew who died at the age of 12 from an asthma attack in Tasmania, before he died they produced a TV ad illustrating asthma, he was portrayed in the add and the slogan was, Life wasnt meant to be Wheazy.


  5. Yes, Suz, I totally agree that life is beautiful. And as long as I can see the humor is things, I’m happy.
    One of my latest substitute teaching assignments was as special ed gym teacher. Instead of standing on the sidelines, I had to participate. I’m 63 and out of shape! I was sweating buckets by the end of my first class. I improvised the instructions left for me – no way was I jogging around the gym three times after our warm-up! Instead, I led the last five classes on an expedition. We marched through a jungle, swam like little fish in the ocean and escaped the sharks, and did the robot around the gym three times. I had a blast and so did the kids. By the end of my eighth class and end of my day I was pooped and it took me an entire day to recover. But it was my most fun experience. My entire family laughed hysterically at the picture of me doing all my movements. I know all the kid’s aides who were watching thought I was certifiable.


    1. That is just too funny Skinny. We often joke at work about which client is supporting which worker because sometimes the lines become very blurred. Sounds like you are one of those special people who can touch the hearts and minds of those with special needs. πŸ™‚


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