Journal Prompt 2

Describe a contradiction that exists between your heart and mind

My goodness, I had to go and pull a hard one out of the tin this morning didn’t I?

When I got up this morning and opened the doors and windows to let the cool morning air circulate throughout the house, I spotted a pair of pretty faced wallabies grazing on our front lawn. My heart was filled with peace and wonder at the scene before me. Unfortunately, they were startled when they saw me with the camera and bounded away before I could snap a shot. I love my mornings. The house is quiet and the day is fresh with promise. My heart sings and then my mind tells me that I have to go to work today so I must make my lunch and iron some clothes. The singing dies away to a quiet hum.

My heart urges me to spend the day writing, sewing or being with my family. My mind tells me that I have bills to pay and Christmas is an expensive time of year so I have to spend time at my place of employment. The dream of my heart is to be a best selling author and to travel the world speaking to others and motivating them to become the best they can be. I’d love to show them that living a gratitude filled life is a way of healing from depression, abuse and grief. My heart wants to assist in the healing of those who are hurting. My mind tells me that my dreams are too big and that that is all they are – dreams.

It appears that my heart and mind are in constant conflict with each other. However, I am working at re-training my mind to believe that the heart has very valid points. If you can dream it, you can do it! My mind needs to learn this lesson. It needs to stop chattering and jumping around like a monkey and listen to the heart. My mind may think it is the boss but I could not live without either it or my heart. They are a team. The mind plans what the heart feels. This constant contradiction between the two must stop. They must learn to work together – starting today! And although I must go to work, my heart will still dream.

Have a blessed day šŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Journal Prompt 2

  1. I love your dream of traveling and helping others. That is a beautiful, selfless thing. There should be more people like you in this world. People need motivating. They need hope.


  2. Dare to dream, that is what I have always tried to do. Sometimes life just rains on us, but taking stock as this post has done, should help us dust ourselves off and dare to dream once more. Great post. I hope your dreams come true.


  3. Okay, where are you coming up with these prompts? I really enjoyed your descriptions of your conflict over dreams and the drudgery of reality. I wish I could write on this subject, but my mom reads my blog. I love her, yet she drives me absolutely crazy—in more ways than one—which makes me feel guilty.


      1. Thank you Val. I see that this blog has lots of tips–I bookmarked it. I lucky my mom doesn’t judge me most of the time, but I have seen the sneaky ways she sticks in her disapproval. Since my dad passed away, she acts totally helpless. However, she won’t talk out what’s bothering her, she gets help, but complains about it, she won’t take any advice (which I ask first before giving it to her). You know what I feel the most guilty about? Taking care of her. I don’t want to, and I shouldn’t feel this way.


        1. Whatever we are feeling is worth listening to. It sounds like its time to change your relationship with your mom into more of an adult one that a child one. Its a worthwhile journey for you both. Hugs X


          1. Look at me! Dyslexic am I—I got my sentence backward. But you’re smart enough to figure it out. šŸ˜‰ oh! and I’m tired of Dr. Google telling that all my problems stem from menopause.


  4. So true Sue. I like your reference to Mind and heart being a team. They truly are and need each other.
    I also believe that when they are aligned we connect to our spirit and authentic self.
    Can your mind do what its best at, and plan time for heart and dream space?
    Can your heart do what its best at, by being compassionate with your critical thoughts?
    That’s what I’m working on too. šŸ™‚


    1. I would hope that they can work together. If not, then I am going to have to seriously reprimand them šŸ˜‰
      In all honesty, it is a difficult road but the one that I have chosen to follow. I trust that I can overcome the obstacles to see it through.


  5. Sue your heart and mind are on the right track keep going, you will get there by stepping out of your comfort zone and working hard at your dreams. The more you walk the walk and talk the talk it will evolve. Wishing you well on your exciting journey there are many who need a strong positive voice to lead them out of the dark pits of depression.


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