Good News Tuesday

As I am sitting at my computer tonight I have youtube music playing in the background. This evening I have chosen to listen to Elvis Presley’s Christmas music and I’m enjoying it very much. Remembering that I need to schedule this post for tomorrow, I began searching the ABC (Australia) website for a good new story when I found this.

I wish I lived closer to Canberra so that I could see this however it is quite a long way from my home. A very different Elvis than the one we have become used to seeing.

Have a blessed day 🙂


13 thoughts on “Good News Tuesday

  1. Thanks for sharing this Suz, my friend is a HUGE Elvis fan and I just sent her the link to that page, the pics are so cool, I haven’t seen them before.


  2. well Sis your Granny used to say when your Mother was a very young teenager ,that she had to take your aunty to see Johnny Ray and she would have to take your Mum to see Elvis ,but he never came to Australia.This young Elvis was the one your Mum grew up with .


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