Christmas is Coming

Welcome to my corner of the world where I’m doing my best to get into the spirit of the season. I’ve decorated the inside of the house and the Garden Gnome has done the outside. I still have to take photos of the lights (both inside and out). Last night we attended the Kindy Graduation and Christmas concert of one of our grandchildren. It is always heartwarming to see the unbridled joy of those who are young. We smiled and clapped as they sang their Christmas songs and laughed when they just kept singing the chorus of Jingle Bells over and over throughout the whole song, completely forgetting the verses. As you can see from the photo of our tree, the Diva enjoys our Christmas tree. She has been very good this year with only a few of the decorations finding their way onto the floor so she can play with them. I think the train scares her. This might have something to do with the story I heard about the First Born attempting to run her over with the train the other day.

Tonight we need to do our food shop for Christmas. I have discovered some very nice lollies (candy) at Aldi that I need to go back and buy for Christmas. I’m afraid that opening the packet to test them might not have been the best idea. Now I need to get some more for the grandchildren πŸ˜‰ I have chopped the fruit for our Christmas cake and it has been soaking in rum for the past few days. The cake needs to be baked this weekend. I am making a Choc Ripple Yule Log for the work Christmas lunch so I need to purchase the ingredients for that. The Tween is champing at the bit to make the Rum Balls and Apricot Balls. I’m not sure if she wants to do gingerbread again this year. I’ll have to discuss that with her. We bake every year. I should do a blog post about that as well.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with friends of ours and going for a drive to a country pub for lunch. We haven’t taken our old cars out for a drive for a little while. He has an old Ford and we have a HZ Holden Premier. Last time we went to this pub for a lunch before Christmas, one of the locals had dressed as Santa and was out on the verandah waving to everyone going past. We may spot him again this year πŸ˜‰

I have almost finished my quilt. The tracks are crooked but it adds to the charm of the crazy quilt I think. At least that is what I am telling myself. I just need to add the binding now and then I will show you all. I’m pleased with it.

Well I am a little behind in my blogging and commenting right now but I promise to catch up.

Have a blessed day all πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming

  1. When you have kids or grandkids the Christmas is so much more funny. Specially the preparings.
    Your photos looks so cosy, maked me smile.
    My adult kids haven’t got kids yet, so I must wait for that and it is absolutely also okay.
    Enjoy tomorrow too and remember to breath πŸ˜‰


  2. Lovely pictures! I went to my youngest son’s Christmas pageant last night – it was fun!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your quilt. I haven’t made one in years! πŸ™‚


    1. The joy of children at this time of year is magical is it not?
      I’m hoping to finish my quilt up today so that I can put the sewing machine away and get the house ready for Christmas. πŸ™‚


  3. What happened to the Christmas challenge. You sound busy. My husband’s birthday is 3 days before Christmas. I used to bake cookies for all the neighbors, then make his day special so that his birthday didn’t run into Christmas….then the big day. This year my husband put outdoor lights, we have a tree measly decorated, and I put a garland on the fireplace mantle. Other than that, we’re having a semi-feast and games. Oh, and a bit of wine.


    1. Sounds great April.
      I’m still working on the Christmas challenge – it’s all about not stressing myself out too much. So far, so good.
      I have to bake. I do it every year and the family expect it. I didn’t get the shopping done last night so have to do it this morning. I just vegged out last night and slept on the couch. πŸ˜‰


  4. I love your decorations. My house is so sparse this year. A lot of constraints of time . Next year I hope to go back to doing I properly. Can’t wait yo see the lights and quilt. I know what you mean about getting behind in blogging and commenting . I. On holidays now so I hope yo get my act together πŸ™‚


    1. I keep adding to my Christmas things every year. I just love the decorations.
      I’ll have to take photos of the lights tonight I think. I thought about it last night but that was all it was – a thought.
      Enjoy the school holidays πŸ™‚


  5. You said you’re TRYING to be in the spirit of the season. Looks to me that you got there. Because Hubby has to work on Christmas this year, we won’t be doing very much. This happens; it’s called ‘life happening’. Be sure to have a good time for me.


    1. Nope Glynis. Not there yet. It took me forever to even put the things out this year. I’m just not feeling the magic yet this year but I’m working on it. πŸ™‚


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