Challenge – Zen Christmas!

Two of my favourite blogging friends and I (and anyone else who wished to join in) have challenged ourselves to a Zen Christmas. So far I think April from Finding Beauty in Spite of Myself and Me – Who am I? are doing quite well. I’m not sure that I’m doing as well. The weekend just past has been constant. I have visited, wrapped, shopped, baked and sewed (except for Saturday afternoon that was far too hot to do anything except lay on the couch under the fan). Last night I found myself beginning to get teary. It’s like I’m putting pressure on myself for everything to be perfect. I baked the fruit cake last night. The fruit has been soaking in rum for the past week and I figured I had better get it baked or there would be no cake this year. Last year, I tried a new recipe and received so many compliments on it, I decided that I would use the same recipe this year. I got to the spooning in the tin stage and realised I’d forgotten the walnuts. *sigh* Oh well. We can live without nuts. Then my oven decided it would bake the cake faster than I’m sure its meant to be baked. Even though I pulled it out far earlier than the recommended baking time, I think it may be a little dry. Why am I worrying? My family will eat it. I know they will. But I wanted it to be perfect. Then there is the cushion for my MIL. I have unpicked that thing twice but finally got it right last night. I finished up only to find that the binding hadn’t caught properly underneath. Rather than unpick it all to do it again, I am going to finish it off with hand sewing. The tears threatened at that point. They really did. I didn’t get the apricot balls and rum balls made. The Tween made the apricot balls. Now I’m concerned we won’t have enough so I am going to send the GG and the Tween out to get more ingredients today so that I can make more tonight. Tonight I have to ice the cake, make the Yule log for work and make the rum balls. I feel guilty because I haven’t had the opportunity to do much of the housework yet. The GG told me not to worry. That he and the Tween will get it all done for me but I worry that I should have done it myself. I know I need to cut myself a break. I do.

So I am saying to myself…. breathe…..breathe…..breathe…..

13 thoughts on “Challenge – Zen Christmas!

    1. As long as you remember to bow down in my presence we’re all good 😛
      GG actually stands for Garden Gnome but I’m sure he’ll enjoy the promotion from garden to lodge 🙂


  1. My Daughter My Daughter you are my daughter I used to do the same when you all came home ,so you havent any rum ball and the cakes a little dry you my darling made the effort in the first place and the only one who has a mouth to have a dig is your eldest daughter and isnt she getting the wooden spoon for stiring this Christmas .


  2. Yes, breathe. It’ll all turn out great. It’s hard to hand over our duties for others to do, but having others help you out a bit would sure take some weight off. Then, you can enjoy your zen Christmas. As for me, I think mine is zen (so far) only because I’m cheating, by not having done anything yet. Well, minus putting up the Christmas tree. Hopefully the shopping will get done tomorrow.


  3. Sue wow you are working yourself into a festive frenzy, I like to make xmas easy, this year when I go to my mums Im bringing a pumpkin and brie salad, a smashed pav , choc cup cakes made by the tween in my house and a cheese platter….other family members bring something different .having xmas lunch on christmas eve…christmas day cold meats, salad and a potato bake is all…..desert choc cake and icecream…..I wanted to make it easy and more relaxed…we will see if it is enjoyable. Im sure yours will be, no matter what you do. merry Christmas.


    1. Thanks. I’ve done everything now except the rum balls. First year I haven’t had them.
      Dessert tonight is ‘make your own pav’. I’ve bought mini cases and all I have to do is whip the cream and cut up the fruit and everyone can make their own. The kids love it.


  4. I’m sorry that you’re having such a rough time. Ask yourself this: Of all people that are going to be there for the festivities, is there one, just one, who is going to purposely make you feel bad if everything you’ve done isn’t perfect? If you can’t think of anyone, relax. Everything is just fine. If you say that you are going to make yourself feel bad, STOP IT! With all my love.


    1. Thanks Glynis 🙂
      It is me putting pressure on myself because I want everything to be perfect for everyone else. I know the grandkids won’t care as long as they have fun and there are presents under the tree.
      I took extra time out to meditate yesterday. It calmed me right down again.
      Have a lovely Christmas Glyns. And thanks for caring. 🙂


  5. I like that you’re reminding yourself to breathe. 🙂 I’m also doing well, because I haven’t really done anything either, except put the tree up, and made a feeble attempt at decorating it. As for Christmas dinner—boxes and canned stuff. My kids never appreciate the fresh veggies, and never know the difference between homemade stuffing I make from scratch (including making my own dried bread crumbs), or the stuff from the box. I’m thinking about writing a Xanax type of Christmas…….


    1. I look forward to that post! lol
      We are doing cold meats and salads April. It is far too hot to cook a roast dinner. (Although I know my mother is cooking a hot dinner for herself and my step father tomorrow now that they aren’t coming to my house).
      Thanks for your encouragement and support my friend 🙂


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