I finished!!!


Well I finished my quilt. It is full of mistakes and the tracks don’t line up but hey, it suits the craziness of the front. I’m pleased with my efforts. I had some squares left over so I also made a cushion for my MIL for Christmas. She likes cushions and I was going to make another one for her – even purchased the fabric but time just got away. I just have to finish the binding on the back of this with a little hand stitching where the machine didn’t quite catch the edge.


There is something intensely satisfying about creating something yourself. And I enjoy the sewing also. Unfortunately, my back doth protest too much at sitting at the sewing machine for periods of time. 😦

Have a blessed day:)


43 thoughts on “I finished!!!

  1. Suz, this is fabulous!!!!! wow I am so impressed with people who can quilt. I like the crazy quilt style and the binding and borders around the squares are beautiful. It is makes me think of rows and rows of colorful and bright wrapping papers and holiday gifts. You are so talented!


  2. Beautiful! I read in a quilting magazine that it is more important to finish a quilt than get hung up on it being perfect! That was the route I often took, and no one but me could tell what didn’t exactly line up anyway. Your quilt is beautiful and I do know how satisfying it is to finish and know you made it! It will make you smile everytime you see it!


  3. I love the vibrant colors … this really says Christmas! No one but you notices the mistakes, I promise! It’s been years since I did any handwork and I was always aware of my mistakes … but everyone else was thrilled. Be proud!!


    1. I know. The mistakes are very obvious to me however I have been told by a couple of people that they thought it was just part of the pattern. So I am happy with that 😉
      Have a gorgeous Christmas.


    1. This one is lap size Mum and I found it painful enough to sew on my machine because of it’s size. I want to do a bedspread too at one stage but I’ll work my way up to it.


  4. My mom is a quilter who has been trying for the past 40 years to get me to make a quilt. No luck. I don’t have the patience or ability to stick with something like this to conclusion. So kudos to you for putting together beautiful fabrics and completing a project that you will treasure! Merry Christmas!


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