It’s all about perspective

I live in a climate where if there is snow, you know that something cataclysmic has taken place. However, there are parts of Australia that do get snow and earlier in the year, together with my Middle Child and his lovely wife, we visited Mt Buller in Victoria. It is the second time I have experienced snow (the first was when I was a teen) and it was fun. I experienced the pure snow and the slushy piles of half melted snow and mud that accumulate after being trampled by many feet. I still bear the scars (well a purple toe nail) from standing on an obscured rock whilst I took a photo. A rock that decided to shift and buck me off. In doing so, my toenail caught in my boot. Ouch!

So fast forward to this morning when I saw this photo posted on a blog:indexThis photo got me thinking about what a truly stunning piece of craftsmanship a snowflake is. How many gazillion of these must make up a snowbank? And when they melt, their beauty just flows away.

I thought about how we go through life only looking a the big picture. The picture that our vision chooses to see. What small items of beauty are there if we only take the time to look closer?

During the week I noticed a vacant block that I drive past each day. It was covered in a carpet of yellow dandelion flowers. I thought about what others might see as they looked at the block. Would they condemn it’s overgrown state and judge that it needs mowing? Would they sigh at the pesky weeds that are growing rampant? Or would they see the carpet of yellow made up of tiny, perfect little flowers that are beautiful? I drove past the block yesterday and the carpet of yellow has been replaced by a carpet of white dandelion heads just waiting for a puff of wind to send them on their way. These too are beautiful in their own way.

Sometimes in life, we need to step back from the big picture and break things down into smaller and more manageable parts. When we do this, we find that there is beauty. And there is joy. And we find that amongst all the hubbub of life, there is something to enjoy.

Have a blessed day 🙂


18 thoughts on “It’s all about perspective

  1. Suz, I would greatly appreciate the beauty of a little pile of snowflakes. But here in upstate (I’m talking ABOVE Albany) NY we have too much of a good thing for too long. The one year I lived in Modesto, CA it snowed for the first time in over ten years. It didn’t last more than a day, but the fact that it followed me was infuriating.


    1. Having never lived with it 24/7, I can understand that it would become too much. I guess the point I was trying to make is that there is beauty everywhere. Maybe I should have stuck with the dandelions rather than snow?? 😉
      Have a great Christmas Skinny!


  2. Lucky you, to be able to treat snow as a novelty, to be experienced once or twice, and then move on to warmer climes… I enjoyed your ponderings about the smaller things, the uniqueness of each snowflake, the various ways of seeing dandelions…enjoy your (warm) holidays.


    1. Today was not warm – it was hot!! It is late afternoon and beginning to cool but still hot.
      I guess I am lucky that I don’t experience snow all the time but then I would willingly trade the heat for the snow at any time. I guess it is all about perspective! 😉


  3. Oh! I can’t wait to return to the beauty. I’ve been stuck underground far too long. I am rather jealous of the photographer who captured that beautiful snowflake—unless it’s an altered photo—can’t tell sometimes. Each one different from the other. Like all of us.


    1. No. I hear the weather in Victoria has been up and down lately. My son says it is slightly cooler today than it has been though.
      I liked Mt Buller but found it ‘touristy’ although I guess that had to happen considering it is one of few places that sees snow in this country.
      I haven’t seen Cradle Mountain yet. I would love to. Tasmania is such a beautiful place that next time I go back, Cradle Mountain is on my ‘to see’ list. 🙂


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