Bad Jokes, Face Time, Tears and a Wardrobe Malfunction

In those few words, you have summed up my Christmas. 🙂

We had a wonderful time with the grandchildren last night and they were a constant source of giggles and joy. They all filed in, said hello and then promptly went straight out the back door toward the pool. Can’t say that I blame them since the weather was stinking yesterday. Whilst we sipped a glass of wine we watched the First Born, the Tween and four of the grandchildren play in the water with their floaties and pool noodles. We smiled and laughed at the appropriate times to the cries of “Watch me do this” or “Look at me doing that”. We giggled as the youngest (who wasn’t in the pool) couldn’t quite get the hang of the water pistol and kept shooting himself in the face before giving up and putting it in his mouth and drinking the contents of the clear plastic gun. We clapped when Miss Five swam a lap of the pool. And we applauded also when Miss Six showed us that she could swim without floaties.

Then out came the bubble wands and the fun in the back yard continued in earnest. After all this fun, we heard Santa coming up the street in his fire engine. Squeals of delight rang out as all children scrambled to get the bags of lollies thrown out to them by Santa’s helpers in the back of the engine. Only the adults noticed that Santa had very smooth skin under the beard and was well padded in her his chest area 😉 Inside for dinner and the children were at the table (before the adults had had an opportunity to gather their thoughts)  and working out the seating arrangements for everyone. The little girls decided to sit at the smaller table and socialised whilst eating their well balanced (!!) meals of cold meats and lollies. (It was Christmas so we weren’t terribly upset). Then the Christmas crackers came out. With the cracker pulling (every single one from the box found was pulled by the young ones) came the bad jokes. All of which were read out by Miss Six. Most of the jokes were groan worthy but Miss Six found them hilariously funny. Miss Almost Five just kept grinning her mischievous pixie grin. Master Three decided that playing games and chasing the cat was more fun than eating and Mister almost Two toddled off to join him. The night heard squeals of delight and lots of thank yous and “Just what I’ve always wanted”. (Love you Lils) around the Christmas Tree afterwards. And then they changed into their pj’s to listen to the Tween read an Aussie Night Before Christmas whilst holding their battery candles. (Except for Master Three who had two and put them against his eyes and made scary monster noises). *sigh* After kisses and hugs, they all went home and peace descended upon our home once more.

I woke at my usual time this morning (just before 5am), remembered it was Christmas Day and went back to sleep. I got up just before 8 to a silent house and went around opening up to let in the morning air (that was already heating up). I found the Tween in the lounge room unpacking her santa sack. She decided to try some of her new hairclips on the Diva and our giggles bought out the Garden Gnome. The phone rang. It was the middle child. We decided we would Face Time and set a time for a couple of minutes from now. Since I was in my nightie and just out of bed, I raced to my walk in robe to find something to wear and brush my hair. Finding nothing I quickly ironed a loose cotton dress, threw it on, made a cup of tea and then spent time with my children on Face Time. We shared jokes, showed him our Christmas tree, the Tween showed off what was in her santa sack, checked out my DIL’s sewing skills (love the colour of the dress she made) and enjoyed time with each other on Christmas Morning before signing off. Then we handed out the presents under the tree. The Tween was over the moon at her gifts. The Garden Gnome loved his framed photo of our HZ Holden and remote controlled speed boat (for the pool). And I cried. I cried because I was given the most gorgeous gifts that I knew so much thought had gone into (the Tween gave me some wooden words about peace and harmony. I also received a beautiful little charm that is a book from the GG. He wanted to get a book charm because of my love for books and writing. But that wasn’t when the tears started. The tears began when the gift giving was over and the Tween left the room and returned with a bird cage holding a canary for me. I’ve wanted a canary for a long, long time. The Garden Gnome had even installed a hook into the roof of the rumpus room/bar to hang the cage from guessing that I wouldn’t even notice it with everything else going on. (He was right). The Diva was miffed because she thought the canary was a gift for her and spent the next hour or so working out ways to stalk the cage and attempt to catch ‘her’ gift before giving up and snoozing. No doubt gathering her strength and thoughts for another attempt later on. The tears continued when I read the Christmas card from the man I love. But they were all tears of joy.

The day continued in a relaxing way. The Garden Gnome’s family joined us for a late lunch. The conversation was good and we watched the George & Mildred movie on TV and laughed at the old British humour before having dessert. (Yes, the fruitcake was a little dry and the fact I put in Cream of Tartar instead of Baking Soda doesn’t appear to have affected its taste at all).

It was as they were leaving and we were taking our goodbyes that I realised…… my dress had been inside out all day!!!!!

Have a blessed day 🙂

ps: I think I finally achieved my Zen Christmas! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Bad Jokes, Face Time, Tears and a Wardrobe Malfunction

    1. And a Merry Christmas to you and your family Mr Aewl. Blessings to you. And don’t be jealous of the weather. It is 10.30 at night and we still need the ceiling fan going flat out.


  1. Sounds like a normal Christmas with the hubbub and all, but I can’t believe kids can get into the swimming pool at this time of year! I may have to move! And that inside-out dress thing — too funny! Merry Christmas!


    1. I suppose it is what you are used to Rusha. It was such a hot day that being in the pool was perfect for them.
      Yes, I was a little embarrassed at the dress thing 🙂
      Merry Christmas to you also.


  2. I cried when I read about the canary, and then actually laughed out loud when I read about your dress being on inside out. What a wonderful post. It is hard for me to get my head around swimming in December, having lived in New Jersey my entire life. Your post was like watching a movie, wonderful!


  3. 🙂 What better way to spend Christmas day than to run around with your dress inside out! I assume nobody noticed, so all’s good. Glad you achieved a Zen Christmas. Sounds so wonderful to have some grandchildren, and to hear their laughter. I had a hard time to adjusting to wearing shorts on Christmas, and this year it’s a bit colder, but I can’t imagine having Christmas during Summer. Pool time sounds better than sledding though.


    1. My MIL actually noticed earlier on but then thought that the seams on the outside were part of the dress design so didn’t say anything. 😀
      I think my grandchildren would love to be sledding on Christmas. They’re adaptable like that 😉
      It is hot again today so I might end up in the pool myself – with a drink of course. 😉


  4. It sounds like you`r having a really wonderful christmas! Enjoy it further, and I`m happy that you got what you have wanted for a long time:) Are you two friends already? Hugs:)


  5. I was assuming you were living in America when I started reading your blog! Seems it is Australia! I love Australia – which part are you in? Funny that you watched George and Mildred – my sister’s FIL is Brian Murphy, the actor who played George 🙂


    1. Really? That’s the whole three degrees of separation thing there isn’t it? If you ever see him tell him that we all cried with laughter watching the movie.
      I live in South East Queensland.
      Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog 🙂


        1. Port Douglas is just beautiful. We went to Cairns and visited the Daintree earlier in the year. Dicky Beach is wonderful. I have stayed there myself. I wish I had ‘known’ you sooner as Brisbane is only an hours drive away and I could have met you IRL. Would have been cool. 🙂


  6. I loved the dress inside bit. I laughed for real while reading it. It’s my sort of thing 🙂 I have never had a canary but have had budgies. I had a budgie in my teen years that mimicked the sound of a pair of sandals clicking on the floor, my mum wore. It was a it unnerving as a teenager thinking you were aloneat home and hearing the sound. I think my mum secretly trained him on this lol. What’s your canary’s name?


    1. It could have been worse and you could have had a ghost mimicking your brother…. true story!! 🙂
      I don’t have a name for the canary yet. I’m still thinking about it. The GG wants me to give him a french name because he reminds him of the little French guy from Hogan’s Heroes – small and jumping around all the time lol
      Glad I made you laugh. Apparently it’s good luck to unintentionally wear your clothes inside out. Here’s hoping!!! 😉


  7. Sounds like you had a great Christmas Day! I kept reading and watching for the expected malfunction and was a little disappointed, actually…you see, I am an old pro at malfunctions…like 2 completely, totally different, definitely noticeably unmatched shoes on (twice, very public shows, one was an entire workday’s worth of suffering! like how did I not notice a flat and a two-inch pump???? and this was just a few years ago! stress!)….and once in 4th grade I wore a cute matching top/bottoms to school…returning home to be scolded by mom that I was obviously unable to dress myself unsupervised yet if I was too little to tell pajamas from school clothes on my own..yikes! Wearing a dress inside out….pshhh! lol….
    If I got a canary: his name would be : Birdleigh or PJ Snickelfritz


    1. Oh CJ, those wardrobe malfunctions of yours were just priceless. I don’t understand how you did the shoe one though 🙂
      Love the names you’ve chosen for a canary 😀 😀 I eventually called him Madiba after the GG suggested Nelson.


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