The Battle Within


I created a poster with this legend some time ago and put it on the wall at work. Sometimes visitors, clients or staff stop and read it but mostly they don’t. I went looking for this today so that I could post it on my blog for you all however I could not find it, so I created this one instead. πŸ™‚ One of my fellow bloggers was telling me a few days ago about the joy she gains from creating. I would have to agree.Β However I digress…. (which is not unusual for me πŸ˜€ )

This legend is powerful in its simplicity. I often write about our thoughts influencing our actions and our lives. I stress that what we think creates who we are. If we think darkly, our lives become dark. If we think of beauty and light, then our lives and our actions will reflect that. It truly becomes a choice between the two wolves.

Our actions reflect our heart and soul. Our heart and soul reflects our thoughts. If we get all of these on the same page, then our lives become happy and fulfilled. We are filled with compassion, benevolence, love, empathy and joy.

Choose wisely which wolf you wish to feed.


31 thoughts on “The Battle Within

      1. After reading your excellent post, I’ve been thinking of effective ways I can rearrange my household so I am encouraged to nurture the light within! Today I am doing these things. Thank you so much. I hope it gives you joy to know your post had such an impact, on someone far away πŸ™‚


  1. I know this legend well and it is hard to grasp that every moment is feeding time. But, allow me to digress (I’m sort of a blogger and can get away with it) I would recommend a book, Seven Arrows, a history of Native American teaching stories and legends…much wisdom.


  2. Excellent Post (and poster). So here’s the thing … I would guess that most days, most of us feed the joy. Somedays, though … not so much. How to keep feeding the good wolf is the challenge!


  3. You are so much right – again Sue.
    I know the legend too, and try to follow the rules and only feed the positive wolf. I also tried to learn my kids the same, and it makes me happy, when I hear they are positive too.
    Thanks for sharing.


        1. I think a lot of children are born ‘old’ these days. I’m convinced that the Tween has been here before (and I’ve had many people including a psychic say the same thing).


  4. Beautiful, and wise. I try to choose to feed the correct wolf, unfortunately something more powerful than my thoughts takes over. I am in a place where I can make the correct choice. I’m hoping that it will become stronger than the evil one, and starves him.


    1. We have those times when it is easier to feed the dark wolf. You aren’t alone in that one April. I think it’s a case of checks and balances and ensuring that the light one comes out ahead in the long run πŸ˜‰


  5. I’ve heard this several times over the past years and it never gets old. It is very true. What we feed most is what will win. Feed happiness and you will be happy. Feed misery and you will be miserable. Feed hate and you will hate. Feed love and you will love. We are what we ‘eat’.


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