Journal Prompt #4

ImageWrite about a secret that you kept from your parents.

Well, I’m not sure that my mother ever knew this. If she did, she never let on and I’ve always thought that I got away with it…..

I love to read. This is no secret. Most of my life, I could be found with my nose stuck in a book. I figured that if I had to go to the toilet then it was a good place to read as well. Until my parents told me I couldn’t take a book with me. That kinda sucked a bit but I decided to find a way around that little rule. We lived in an old home in Blacktown NSW. It wasn’t my most favourite house that I have ever lived in but it had a great bathroom. At the end of the bath/shower, there was a false wall (it was actually the back of the linen cupboard that opened into the hallway). Anyway, it had a lip around the edge at the top and it was the most perfect place to hide a book. Funny how I always needed to go to the toilet when it was my turn to do the dishes!! 🙂

Love you Mum!

So what secrets have you kept from your parents??

25 thoughts on “Journal Prompt #4

  1. Hmm… what didn’t I keep from my mother? Most recently it’s that I fell on the ice before Christmas. I don’t tell her anything since I know she won’t sleep for worrying. I can’t even drive across town without calling her to let her know I’m okay when I get home.


    1. Yes Linda, I can understand keeping some things like that from your mother. My mother worries as well. She generally reads my blog but she’s been quiet lately so not sure if she’ll read this one 😉
      And I have to call Mum when we gt home from leaving her place (although she does live a couple of hours away). 😉


  2. Sneaky! Hey, if men can take magazines, you should be able to take a book. 🙂 I think I will answer your question with a post. Out of the many secrets I could write about that, there’s one that sticks out the most. Stay tuned…


  3. If I could have encouraged my youngest to read, I would have made a little cubby to place a book next to the throne, and then told him he couldn’t read in there. 🙂

    I never kept secrets because I have a very readable face—especially if I’m trying to lie. So, I never attempted to lie. I would try to hide things, but I had tattletale sisters, or I got caught red handed every time. The last time I tried to lie to my mom is when I had to go to the ER in 2011. I made my husband promise NOT to call my mom because I was there for 3 days being poked and prodded. Nice to know that my husband has taken over for my sisters as my new tattletale.


    1. I never lied to my mother about this. I just omitted to tell her that I had found a hiding place in the bathroom for my books. 😉
      And sometimes we (as partners, siblings etc) need to tell our parents something. In this case I’m siding with your husband. 😉 When my little brother was in the hospital he begged me not to tell my mother. I’m so pleased that I did because she had a chance to speak with him before he slipped into the coma that he never came out of.
      I like the idea of telling a child not to do something in order to get them to do it. Unfortunately that wouldn’t work with the Tween’s bedroom.


      1. I agree, my husband should have called, but I didn’t want to worry her without any results to give to her, he was giving her more to worry over what sent me to the ER in the first place. My oldest son moved back recently—the picture of a bomb of clothing and stuff would best describe where he has set up camp. Where do they learn such bad things, and how can they live that way? 😀


  4. I knew about the book the funny thing is that I now get into trouble from Terry for doing the same thing .I am glad I encouraged you to read and you in turn did this to your children .


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