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Pull up a pew ladies and gents because tonight I am welcoming Toni who writes on her blog Tomorrow Is(m). Toni is someone who is quite new to me however I must say that I like this lady’s style. I’ve just been poking around her blog (as all self-respecting talk show hosts should do 😛 ) to gather information for my interview and I like what I see. Toni describes herself as a Work in Progress. I’d say that would make her very much like me. Toni also describes herself as a “Tomorrow” person. That is someone who can always do better tomorrow. I’ve almost finished poking around so we can start this interview but just wanted to share this AWESOME IDEA that I found on Toni’s blog – “Jar of Awesome“. I’m thinking that this could be something fantastic for us all to do… but I digress.

Hi Toni. Thanks so much for agreeing to sit on my couch and answer questions. I really need to ask you what drew you to blogging?

I have always used writing as a form of expression. In my earlier years through my twenties it was always poetry. Many years ago I stopped writing and focused on my painting and other forms of artistic expression. As a matter of fact, I once started a Blog on Word Press and never really did anything with it. I found it the other day actually and it made me giggle. I laugh because sometimes I have these great ideas that fizzle and come back to me when the time is right. So I guess you could say that I have always been a Blogger at heart, I just needed some more “experience” in life to keep it going. I think that has definitely changed and I look forward to being an active part of the community.

I had a WordPress blog that sat there and did nothing too. Funny the things we do. You’ve obviously taken up blogging once more… how long have you been blogging?

As I said before I started many years ago but never really did anything with it so officially I have only been blogging for about one month as of today’s interview.

Can I say, “Welcome to the family”? The wordpress community is like a box of chocolates – mostly sweet but with a few nuts. (Okay I apologise for that one 🙄 ). I’m sorry Toni for getting off topic. Does your blog have a particular theme?

WOW! Well, I am so glad you asked this question. I am supporting the idea of positivity through an idea that what we do today can and will shape your tomorrow. We must not think about tomorrow as a place for procrastination but a plan for change. As a little girl going through things that the adults never realized affected me so greatly, I always thought about what tomorrow would be like. Tomorrow would always seem like it would be better. Maybe that bully wouldn’t pick on me anymore, maybe I would get asked to sit at the cool table or invited to that birthday party everyone is talking about? Now as an Adult, I continue to do the same thing and it’s really worked for me. I wanted to create a place for others to share and learn from one another. Everyone goes through a time when they are just not sure that Tomorrow WILL be better. I create Is (m)’s to live by inspired by the things that bring forth change in my attitude or thoughts and rule out the negativity. I really hope it catches on!

That sounds positively awesome. I certainly hope that it does catch on. I don’t know how much this next question will apply to you since you have been blogging for such a short time, but have you gained anything from blogging?

I have already gained so much in the short amount of time I have been writing here. I have discovered so many things about myself and others. I would have to say the most important thing I have gained is the knowledge that writing helps me to figure things out, help others and feel accomplished at the end of the day!

Agreed. Writing is a wonderful took for helping you to look objectively at situations in order to figure them out. So, do you have any challenges in your life that blogging (and writing) has assisted you in dealing with?

Of Course, we all have challenges some great and some mostly small but in abundance at times. I think that I have started all of this because I have gone through personal challenges and have developed a more positive attitude from it on the other side.

In March of 2012 my husband fell severely ill and spent a total of 8 months in the hospital with 5 surgeries to remove the upper lobe of his left lung. He was coughing blood for two weeks before they knew what was actually going on. A case of pneumonia they thought when I rushed him to our small country Hospital on St.Patricks Day. Ready to send him home I panicked at what I was supposed to do while I watch my best friend and love of my life coughing up cups of blood. After convincing the nurses that this was the wrong decision our Primary Doctor was called and he was admitted. After about a week they found a rare blood infection in his lungs called Pseudomonas. The infection was so aggressive that it had necrotized his lung. He was rushed to a larger Hospital in Buffalo, NY where we were met by a team of Surgeons that assured me they would be able to save part of his lung. After several months and surgeries to remove infection, 24/7 IV antibiotic therapy in the hospital and at home where I became a nurse myself, the infection left. Although they tell us that pseudomonas never really leaves the body and can hide out anywhere only to come back again.

The last year since then has been struggle, financially, medically, professionally. Through all of this he and I have grown closer and changed our views on life and what we want from it. He still cannot work yet and that is not fair to the world because he is an amazing Chef. Even more so he is an incredible Artist and has been able to focus on this part of his life and great things are coming from him. I am blessed to be able to witness all of it.

This entire time people have complimented us on our positivity and really I thought, “How crazy”! Why are people so surprised that I was in the hospital with my husband day and night ensuring the care he was getting was superior. When it wasn’t I was going to the ends of the earth to make sure I was doing everything I could, while working full time in a job where I am constantly helping others. Even when he came home and I continued working and taking care of him alongside a team of nurses I heard the same thing. I heard things like “most people would have divorced by now” or they would say they never would be able to do what I am doing. This to me is silly and sad because anyone who love anyone as much as I love my husband would do everything I have done and doing in order to preserve the life I chose when I said “I do”.

 I thought to myself that once we get to the other side of this I really need to find a way to share my strength with others so that people can LOVE HARDER, LIVE LONGER, And BE STRONGER! So after years of getting through life’s challenges and the biggest one of my life I remembered one thing…tomorrow.

Wow! Just wow! So many people would have fallen apart but you remained strong. That is such a great achievement. And the fact that you have learned from your experiences and want to help others is nothing short of wonderful. I can see your blog being such a wonderful help to others. How often do you blog Toni?

I write everyday and publish almost every day as well. I at least put out some positive message that is helping me get through that day or helped me get to tomorrow. So whether it’s a quote or 1,000 words I write when I get inspired.

I don’t think you would be alone in writing when you are inspired. Where do you find the inspiration for your posts?

Well, let’s see there is so much around me lately. I get inspired by friends, family, nature, good times, bad times. So I guess LIFE!

It is true – inspiration is all around us. Do you have a particular quote or mantra that inspires you or fits your life?

Basically the pages of my Blog are just that, quotes, Mantras, life lessons that I am learning as I travel this crazy, beautiful life.

And what draws you to other blogs?

I have been snooping around a lot and what has been drawing me in is a simple theme with great pictures. I am drawn to writing that comes from the heart and is not necessarily an English Professor’s dream but rather funny and sensitive with a great message.

There is no shortage of blogs fitting that criteria out there. Enjoy your snooping. 🙂 In closing, is there anything else that you would like to share?

Tomorrow is a place for change NOT procrastination, be true to yourself and others will follow. My Blog is my gift to YOU! I hope after sharing myself you come on over and share with me!

Thank you so much Toni (from Tomorrow) for spending time chatting with me this evening. Have a beautiful day 🙂


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