Living in the house of Quirk – Part 2

ImageThis morning I read the most delightful blog post “It’s Amazing that I don’t Kill Him in his sleep” by Snoogiefish at Mostly True Ramblings. I immediately thought of my shopping list that I took with me last night when we went for our weekly shop.

I am responsible only for the food related items on the list. The Tween (in a great forgery of her father’s writing) wrote the one about the cat. I was convinced it was the Garden Gnome being a smart aleck, however he stresses that he does not want another cat and wouldn’t even joke about the fact. Actually I believe the words he used were “I certainly don’t want another bloody cat in the house”. He however is responsible for the other addition (and is quite proud of it).

Unfortunately for him, Coles and Woolworths don’t stock barmaids – French or otherwise 🙂


20 thoughts on “Living in the house of Quirk – Part 2

        1. So funny! I also had no idea what puffy dogs were, I went to the site-Scooby Doo! We don’t have anything like them here, we do have corn dogs (dogs on a stick wrapped in cornmeal batter) Are puffy dogs wrapped in a type of pastry? We make ones using crescent roll dough and wrap them up and call them weiner-wraps, very tasty. Crescent rolls are kind of like croissants.


          1. Hi Mary. No these little fellas are wrapped in puff pastry. It is incredibly flaky and the grandchildren and tween usually make the biggest mess when eating them 😦


    1. No, she came and told me later that she hadn’t done it but that she thought it would be funny to confess to it. The Garden Gnome still claims no knowledge. 😉


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