Journal Prompt #5

Think of a time when you’ve won something. Tell what you won and how you won it.

ImageI have won a few things in my life – and Easter egg basket, toiletries and other small things. What I am prompted to write about this time is the last time I ever won anything. It was actually before Christmas and we had gone to our local RSLΒ club for dinner. They generally have raffles going there either to raise money for themselves or for other community groups. On this night, it was an RSL raffle with prizes including fruit boxes, meat trays, cash and alcohol. To the taunts of “you know you never win any of these things” ringing in my ears I went to purchase some tickets. Since it was a multi-draw raffle it went on for some time. Each time they got close to my numbers but not close enough. Each time the Garden Gnome rubbed it in a little more about me not winning anything. So I turned around and said to him “Okay, I’m putting it out the universe. I WILL win something tonight”. He laughed. He laughed even harder each time my number wasn’t called but I just kept repeating “I WILL win something”. I wasn’t worried about his laughter as I knew he was just having fun with me but I was not going to let him get away with it. It came to the last draw and he turned to me and said “I told you, you’d never…….” And then my number was called over the PA system.

A win has never felt so good.

So please share times you have won something. What was it? And how did you feel?

38 thoughts on “Journal Prompt #5

  1. We won a meat platter at a pub in Townsville. We were just beside ourselves, it was so fun to win. We don’t have stuff like that here, that I know of. I love the pubs in Australia.

    Well, funny thing is, with the different accent shouted over the music, I thought they said “mint platter”, so at first I was disappointed! But that didn’t last long as we cooked the fabulous cuts on the barbecue at our condo for three or four nights. And then I just went and bought myself some mints.

    I’m nominating you for Sisterhood of the World, Suz. You don’t need to post it, but I couldn’t leave you out. You are so supportive, and I’m thrilled to have met you. And I love your blog.


    1. Ha ha Nia. That’s so funny. I won a meat tray this time as well.
      Thanks for the wonderful support that you give me. It truly is appreciated. πŸ™‚
      I’ll put the award on my ‘to do list’. πŸ™‚


  2. Dave thats cheating hehe.When I was fourteen I won a record player for naming the Shadows new record Appache .I was so proud and when I went to the pictures (movies) a few of the kids pointed at me I felt 6 ft high and 2 stone slimmer .


  3. We lived for many years in a cold, old house in Adelaide, SA. A sponsor in the local newspaper advertised wood burning fires, and offered one,with installation, as a prize to some lucky person. I couldn’t believe it when my entry won, and we were warm in the winter from then on!


  4. Congratulations with your winning, I love that you got the last number. He he he.
    Here in Spain they have a Christmas lottery and around in the country at bars, small shops etc. some has created a basket, suitcase etc. with very delicious food, wine, whisky and candy of all kind. The last 2 numbers in the big Christmas lottery deside who are winning this local gift.
    And day 31. of December 2013 we did visit the shop and they told us, we did win the gift, as was a very nice suitcase filled with so many nice things inside.
    This did really make our last day in the last year and gave us hope for the coming year too.


  5. Ha! You showed him! πŸ™‚ It’s always fun to win stuff, no matter if it’s large or small. I can’t think of anything I’ve ever won. A trophy, but that was for running, so I had to work for it.


  6. My first win was in a lottery in Boonah, believe it or not. Just after we arrived on our block, my husband started a grassfire when he dropped a lit match after lighting a ciagerette (luckily he has since stopped smoking). It was mortifying as we were newbies out of the city, but the firies were wonderful. They advised us not to mention the match or we’d be fined, but to say someone passing by in a car had thrown out a match. In return we bought lottery tickets and I won, first time ever! It gets better. Just prior to this, my friend’s daughter gave me a massage, she’s a medium, and she told me she was getting an image of a child which had died very young but was now in an older body to make his presence easier to envisage. She told me she knew the mother and I was to tell her that her mother in spirit (grandmother) was looking after the child and he was fine. The grandmother had white hair in a coronet and liked jasmine and I didn’t know anyone and thought it was quite mad. But when I took a lady I knew out to dinner with me as my husband didn’t want to go she told me she’d lost a baby through miscarriage. I nearly fell off my chair and pondered for a long time whether to say anything. Finally I screwed up my courage and told this lass what I’d been told and she went white as a sheet and sat down. The grandmother I’d described was her mother right down to the flowers she loved. Certainly convinced me of life after death.


  7. Sounds like a wonderful time—with a win at the end. Score! I won a collector’s plate (have no idea what to do with it) when I played Bingo with my grandparents when I was in my 20s. I still have the plate because it reminds me of that day. A day which I was the only young’un, but had a blast.


  8. There are very few times I have won anything. It’s been something small and insignificant when I have won. Yet, for some reason unknown to me, it’s never bothered me. I actually enjoy receiving what I’ve worked hard for and think that I probably enjoy it more than I would if I had won it in some way. I guess I’m just a little odd.


    1. I don’t care if I win or lose. I buy tickets in raffles and things more to help the organisation selling the tickets out. It’s a bit of fun but it doesn’t bother me if I don’t win. This night however was just a little different πŸ˜‰


  9. Yeppers. I sure did. It was a random drawing here at work. All around me, folks won gift cards, potted plants, food baskets. Last prize – the fly swatter. No one was interested. When my number was called, I jumped up with a loud woohoo!!! You’d have thought I won the $50 gift card. But y’know, that swatter was perfect. I have a cat, Sam the Ripper. I needed something to, ah, calm him down or distract him from ripping something he should not be ripping. I didn’t want to hurt, just…..stop him for a bit. Well, that swatter was perfect – it was decorated on one side with a huge hot pink rose. Made me happy just looking at it. I went up and claimed that prize and grinned and suddenly, the people in the Board room were grinning with me and clapping their hands. It was a lot of fun. One of the two things I have won in my lifetime. Sam hates it, but that’s okay. He doesn’t like my pink sweater either.


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