Fellow Blogger – Pecora Nera from an Englishman in Italy

ImagePecora Nera is the black sheep of his family. (Apparently that is what Pecora Nera means in Italian). This Englishman in Italy is extremely entertaining with his blog posts. His choice of photos makes me laugh and his action photography (see post Why does Mrs Sensible buy cat food) is also pretty cool. Pecora Nera writes entertainingly about life with his wife (Mrs Sensible), the neighbourhood dogs and Scooby Doo the cat. Although it is not just the animals that he writes about. He has also shared a nude selfie πŸ˜‰ and his confessions showed just how devious women (especially those of us who are mothers) can be.

I’m excited to have you join me here tonight on the couch. This is going to be fun. Tell me a little about yourself Pecora Nera (can I call you that)? What drew you to blogging?

I wanted a forum on which to rant and shout about the way the Italian Ministry of Education would only allow Mrs Sensible (my wife) a yearly contract. Every year her contract finished in June, just so they didn’t have to pay her any summer holiday pay. Mrs Sensible is not the only teacher in Italy who only receives a 9 month contract, I found a post by Living in Italy (http://wp.me/p2BTJq-kI ) and he was in the same situation. I tried to write a few ranting posts, but I am not really very good at ranting, so I ditched them and decided to write about life in Italy as seen through my eyes.

It sounds as if your introduction to blogging was quite serious. It is quite the evolution to the fun posts you do now. How long have you been blogging?

Since September 2012.Β  In September, decided I was fed up with helping Mrs Sensible with the housework, so I invited a complete strangerΒ  to live with us for a couple of months, providing she did the hoovering and the dishes; my first post explained how the Guestaway (http://wp.me/s2Ig3C-workaway) experiment went.

That is an interesting concept. Those Aussie gals are pretty cool πŸ˜‰ I’ve shared some of your posts that I have tickled my funny bone in my intro, however I’m interested to know if your blog has a particular theme.

I am English and my wife is Italian, to be more precise she is Sicilian (so I have to behave) I write about our life in Italy. Recently we had another Guestaway move in, Scooby Doo the Machiavellian cat; he decided living with two large dogs was too stressful so he left home and moved into our garage, although I am yet to train him to wash the dishes or do the hoovering. He just eats, torments the local dogs and meows a lot.

I think it is absolutely hysterical that you have a CAT called Scooby Doo. So apart from gaining another guestaway, have you gained anything from blogging?

I have gained about a kilo in weight, Mrs Sensible blames the wine, but I think it is down to blogging. I have also found Friends, lots of them. I chat with wordpress bloggers from all over the world, which is great because living in Italy I miss going down to the local pub and joking with friends.

I guess blogging is a no-alcohol way of meeting friends. πŸ™‚ Have there been any challenges in your life that blogging has assisted you with.

Apart from the suggestions that I should let Scooby Doo live in the house? Or that I should listen to Mrs Sensible more often!

😳 But it’s cold outside……..So, with such a busy life, you mustn’t get too much time to blog.

I don’t have a set schedule, I just blog when something funny, unusual or something that makes me want to bang my head on the wall happens. These usually occur after visiting Poste Italia, the local hospital or simply looking outside our window.

And do you find inspiration from anywhere else for your posts?

Living in Italy is all the inspiration I need; everyday something happens that is just mad or unbelievable.

Sounds awesome. Many of the bloggers that I have asked have a quote or mantra that means something to them. What about you?

Difficult question, I suppose. β€œoops, it wasn’t me, honest”

They all say that πŸ˜‰ Well time is running out and a commercial break is due any minute. I’d like to ask you what draws you to other blogs?

Posts that make me laugh, choke on my wine or make me stop and think.

Great criteria! I think I might adopt those as well if you don’t mind. Okay, we’re getting the wind-up now. Do you have anything else that you’d like to share with us as your parting words?

I will happily share this wonderful pizza that Mrs Sensible has just made me, or the part ownership of Scooby Doo.

Thanks for chatting with us tonight Pecora Nera. Have a great night. πŸ™‚


50 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger – Pecora Nera from an Englishman in Italy

  1. Mr. P. Nera,

    I, too, have imbibed the local reds in Sicily! Wines, that is. Had to clarify that, as Sue has a vivid imagination. Flying out of Sigonella back in the good old days. A pleasure to make your blogging acquaintance.


  2. Hi Navigator,
    A couple of summers ago I was driving past Sigonella and managed to tune into the base radio. I stopped the car so that I didn’t lose the signal and listened to some English radio ( OK American radio) One of the Army DJs said ” and remember driving in Europe can be challenging” Challenging!!! In Italy it can be down right dangerous. πŸ™‚


  3. I’v never regretted bumping into PN in the blogosphere; he’s one of my long term blogging buddies. We even had a race to exchange our driving licences – me in France, PN in Italy. I’m one of the few members of the “Keep Scooby Doo Out” Movement.


    1. Scooby Doo, half of the bloogers out there and Mrs Sensible also want the scabby cat to be allowed in the house. But I am standing firm.

      How can I let a Machiavellian cat in the house? When he is dissatisfied with something I have done, he voices his complainants by leaving me a squidgy one.


  4. great interview, make me laugh out loud, and i love his blog, so i guess i am biased. happy to have been connected to you through his blog too and i look forward to reading more – best, beth


  5. Oh I didn’t realise PN started out blogging seriously! His rants sound like they were justified but his funny posts are a lot more entertaining. πŸ™‚


  6. My life was dull, colourless and boring until I stumbled across blogs like that of Sig. Pecora Nera and others. (I get sloshed quite a lot, and tend to do my stumbling then.)

    Aren’t (some people) fun to have around!?



  7. This was a great interview. I already have a second tab open with his blog sitting there, waiting to be read. I laughed out loud with the part about gaining weight because of blogging. There definitely has to be breaks throughout, or else our rears will certainly flatten into the shape of our chair.


  8. Pecora Nera’s is one of my favorite blogs. I am Italian but transplanted into the USA. Left Italy as a an adult, lived the rest my life in the US without losing my Italian identity. I sometimes have to tell Pecora Nera certain things that he does not know and the locals do not bother to explain – as for instance why there are some trees in Italy that Pecora N. finds ‘terrifying’, and how NOT to cut grass up or down a steep slope… Check my blog and if you think it is worth the trouble, please send me the questions for your ‘fellow blogger’ feature.
    Regards, Vera


      1. Oh yes, the gravatar. Don’t know what happened to it. One day I looked and my face had disappeared. I had to laugh when PN came in my feed, that was my nickname when I was little – still is. My rellies wrote a little song about me but I can’t remember it now. Got to love the Italians!


  9. I have been following Pec for a while now and love his sense of humour. πŸ™‚ but what I don’t get is why do the Italians allow British citizens to exchange their driver’s license without writing the exam when they drive on the opposite side of the road…and I am forced to write the exam in italian when in Canada we drive on the same side?
    Ok, rant is over πŸ™‚
    Hey Pec! Let the cat in the house already…SDoo loves you…xoxoxo and I am sure the squidgy bits will happily be deposited into a proper sand box if one was provided (that last note was added by Coco, I swear).
    Peace out bro, Leah


    1. The Diva tells me that if she doesn’t want to use the box she will put her squidgy bits wherever she dang well feels like it apparently.
      I really must speak with that cat! πŸ˜‰


      1. Bahahahaha. If Coco was there she would show SDoo how it’s done πŸ˜‰ we had guest kitties once and Coco was trying to bury their poo too, lol. I think she was offended by the smell ~^.^~. Maybe you should change her name to Scooby Doo-doo!


    2. Hi Leah,
      Mrs Sensible bought a Scooby Doo a sandbox, we even bought some cat litter for it and installed it in the garage with his green NHS box. He has never used it. mind you I wasn’t looking forward to cleaning it out.

      Anyway who said I drive on the left hand side of the road? Sometimes I forget and Mrs Sensible reminds me by calmly screaming in a shrill but frightened scream. I once took her around a round about the wrong way, it wasn’t my fault really.


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