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ImageWhen you find someone that has a wonderful talent that they share through their writing, you can’t help but be a little jealous – as I am with Scottishmomus. This mother of seven (no – that’s not a typo) shares her life with us in words and prose. She is also a fan of Hugh Jackman and unfortunately cheats at scissors, papers, rock (see my post and comments on Hot, Hot, Hot). :mrgreen:
I don’t get to read her blog as often as I would like (I actually don’t get to a lot of blogs as often as I would like) however when I do I am never disappointed. I adore this post written a few days ago –  “Sad Tears. Happy Tears” about a special Christmas gift and how Ann-Marie’s love for her daughter shines through. This blog is so great at making me laugh also. Check out the post “What Do Women Want?” in response to my guest post on Don Charisma’s blog last weekend. With blog posts inspired by a broad range of topics, there is always something to delight and amaze over at Scottishomus’ blog.

Good evening dear and welcome to my couch. I have tried my hardest to remove the cat hairs left here by Pecora Nera and Scooby Doo but I may have missed some. I certainly hope that you’re not allergic. Get yourself comfortable and tell us what drew you to blogging?

Honestly? I wasn’t particularly drawn to it. My brother obviously knew something about it and had mentioned it to me on quite a few occasions. But I just ignored him! I had no real idea what it was about and had some vague notion that it was only a few people in the world who did whatever it was and had something very particular to say. Or maybe they were famous. Or something. I really had no notion.

Your brother must have been on to something. I believe he actually set the blog up for you and basically told you to ‘go for it’. So how long have you been blogging?

I started on June 13th 2013 so coming up on 7 months. I can’t quite believe it.  I think I’ve been on every day!

You started a few weeks before I did. There are a great many of us who began blogging around the same time I have found. Does your blog have any particular theme that you write about?

Not really. I do write about a variety of things. I had no idea when I started that I would do so much poetry. Although I wrote poetry I never thought of it as something anyone would put into a blog. I did put in a few early pieces from years ago. Then started just talking I suppose. I kind of write what I see and feel and think about. Sometimes in poetry, sometimes in prose.  Probably mostly in poetry. And I started doing video readings to encompass as many different means of communication as possible.
So maybe my answer is…communication. Trying to find a way of communicating about all those aspects of life that impact on all of us. The common experience. A shared knowing.

I suppose that’s what it’s about mainly. Like all of us…seeking to find a way to share our knowing and feelings and thoughts.

So you would have to say that you have found your niche with your poetry? I know that I associate your blog with mainly poetry and I know that you have answered comments in poetry also. 😀 Have you gained anything from blogging each day?

Gawd, yes. I love it. I have come out of myself in terms of opening up to what I’m prepared to talk about with other people that I don’t know. I’ve stopped worrying whether people I know see my stuff. (except maybe my employers! But I can feel that coming!) I’ve stopped being shy about photographs. I used to have a real dread of having my photo taken. Doing the videos has made me laugh at myself a bit. And I’m more comfortable with me.

This blogging caper really is a lark isn’t it? I’m thinking in a few years time, they will need to start a Word Press Anonymous organisation for some of us 😉 Do you think that blogging has assisted you in facing any challenges?

Probably my previous answer links to this. But, I also have always wanted to ‘get my writing out there’ and never really did anything about it. Just wrote, dated and filed it all away. For years and years. And years! Now I feel I have an avenue for it. And it might not always be great stuff but I appreciate people taking the time to read and comment. I’ve ‘met’ some fabulous people through blogging. And, although I talk like a budgie with people I know, I’m actually quite anti-social. Blogging has changed that in so far as I’m happier opening up to others. And everything I say is out there in the world. I never thought I would be comfortable with that. But then everyone has been unendingly kind. Maybe I’d be feeling different if I’d encountered any meanies. That hasn’t happened. Thank god.

There is a definite sense of community amongst bloggers that is for sure. We’ve ascertained how much you enjoy blogging so how often do you blog?

Too often? Every day more or less. I think there have only been a few days I’ve missed. And I quite often post more than once a day. I don’t really know if that’s ok but I don’t really care either. I just go for it. I also spend quite a lot of time reading and commenting on posts. My comments can be a bit long right enough. 😉 But I get engaged in a post and depending on who I’m talking to, quite a blether can ensue.

I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules to how often you should blog or how many comments you can make 😉
Where do you find the inspiration for your posts?

Everywhere. Really everywhere. My kids, family life, spirituality, the elements, evolution, love, sensuality, sexuality, dreams, politics….you name it,… I’ll think something up about it. I feel I can’t switch it off now. I don’t even post everything I write any more or I’d be posting umpteen times a day. I even find myself scribbling notes during work to remind myself of something that pops into my head. Or driving to work and noticing something that sets off a thought process. I’m telling you, I can’t seem to switch it off. And I’m loving it!

The writing bug has definitely bitten then. Do you have a mantra or quote that you believe fits your life?

I try to live by love. First, last and always.

I think that’s an awesome mantra to have. I wish more people in the world felt that way. You’ve mentioned before about enjoying commenting on other blogs. What draws you to other blogs?

Poems that touch me. Photographs that move me. Honesty in communication. Humour. Metaphysical. I love loads of different types of blogs and get a great deal from them all. If anyone read my blog list they’d wonder at the range but that’s the way I read too so quite a mix.

All great qualities to look for in other blogs. You should no shortage of great blogs to follow using those criteria. I’ve absolutely loved having you share the couch with me this evening. Do you have anything else that you’d like to share before we cut to a commercial?

Have I left anything? Lol. Maybe just that I am so delighted to have been ‘forced’ into blogging by my brother because he just went right ahead and set it up for me, even choosing the name and my password, then texted me to say ‘get writing’. So, if anyone was in any doubts about whether blogging was something they wanted to do I’d say, ‘GO FOR IT!’ I’m not sorry that I have. Not one bit.

And neither are we!!

Have a blessed day. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger – Scottishmomus from What I See

  1. Thanks for the interview, Suz. I enjoyed it. Really felt I was sitting on the couch with you there. I’ve probably even left behind a few dog hairs to go with the cat ones. Lol. 🙂 I feel quite famous now. I think the only time I’ve ever been interviewed is for a job. This was much more fun. Cheers. 🙂 x


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