Remember the Good Old Days?

Old School


32 thoughts on “Remember the Good Old Days?

    1. True, but a good photo is a good photo and regardless of who is in it, it is still something from the past.
      I just loved the humour in this. 🙂
      Can you imagine this guys face when he found out his duty for the day? Really? Carrying birds on my back? Not quite what I had in mind when I was drafted.


  1. That reminded me of a movie or documentary about a platoon—or whatever they were called, were surrounded on all sides by the enemy. What saved them were the carrier pigeons. Smart birds. I wish I could remember my way around as easily. I eventually end up home, but it definitely wasn’t the same route I took when I left. 🙂


        1. 😀 Must have tasted better than the ‘C’ rations we used to get when we went on cadet camp in the early 80’s. They were nearly as bad as the tinned ‘saus and veg’ we used to get fed. 😀


          1. Yes the yanks had good rations, tinned fruit, pound cake etc. You would have had Aus ex-army rations. They were hmmm, okay but not on par with the C rations. Loved those sausages and veg. 😦 Not.


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