I am so sorry but the Fellow Blogger for tonight will be delayed for another 8 hours or so.

I had typed it all up and then it didn’t save. I lost it all 😦

My head is not good right now and I need to lay down so I’ll catch you all tomorrow .


26 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. It really gets up your nose, doesn’t it, when you’ve got your writing sorted out and then…pouf! it vanishes into cyber-space. Hope you feel better soon and remember, as I did, it’s okay to take time out. I got head-to-toe hives for nearly a year when I got really exhausted and someone I knew suggested we look at ourselves as cookie jars – if we hand out a cookie to someone, we need to replenish the jar so we don’t end up empty ourselves. Take care, my friend, and remember to look after yourself. The world will be waiting when you return. xxx


    1. I was so cranky with it. I thought that might be an issue so I copied it and tried to paste it into another document but the paste didn’t work either. So I just went to bed.


  2. There is a combination of keys I hit almost daily which wipes out most of what I type out. I hate when that happens, and I have yet to catch myself in the act, so I don’t know which keys I’m hitting.

    You have to take care of yourself. I love reading your series, but I know I can hold on. To me, your health is more important. Hope you are feeling better soon.


  3. I lost half my post yesterday and was so frustrated I waited till this morning to finish! Sometimes things get highlighted and before I know it I have hit a key that deletes! Hope you feel better soon. 😦


  4. Not so funny to loose everything, but nothings happens. You can do it, when you feel good again. Take it easy, we will wait for you.
    Remember to take very good care of yourself too. Otherwise you can’t take care of others.
    Feel good soon Sue.


  5. So miserably unfair!!! I hate when crap like this happens! You work so hard and then your shadow smacks some button and everything goes flying into the hinterland. The black hole of computers – ugh!
    Feel better soon.


  6. Take care Sue and rest up. I hate it when I lose everything. The post gobbler has been at work again! Sorry this is short, the migraine monster has. Visited and I have double vision.
    Best wishes. Susan ❀


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