Fellow Blogger – Val from Find Your Middle Ground

ImageThis evening, I am introducing Val Boyko who writes as Find Your Middle Ground. Val is a Scot living near Philadelphia. She is a yogi and life coach and utilises her experience in both of these fields in writing her blog. I love the photos that Val chooses for her posts – particularly the photo on the post Do you Want Things to Change about changing perspective. Val discusses the Practice of Being Present (not perfect) and Beginning to Find your Middle Ground. Her blog is a wealth of information and tranquility and is perfect for those of us looking to find our way in this scary world.

Hi Val. Welcome to the couch this evening. I’m looking forward to getting to know you a little better. Can you tell me what drew you to blogging?

Great question – I’m not a writer, poet, photographer or creative spirit … but I am drawn to share my experience and knowledge with others. Blogging gives me a voice. Or rather, it has helped me find my voice and get clear about my thoughts! Its also a place where I can share some of the insights and tools that have helped me in my own life and as a career and leadership coach and yoga teacher. I’m drawn to communicating and helping others.

Many of us blame the internet for so many things however we can thank it for giving us the opportunity of sharing with others. That truly is a blessing. How long have you been blogging?

I started my first blog www.motherwhisperers.com back in 2010. I created it to help daughters find peace in their relationships with their mothers. It was an important part of my own journey in my relationship with my narcissist Mum! After 2 years I felt I had travelled the road and really found peace of mind. I accept her for the way she is and have let go of the pains from the past. I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for her that’s for sure!Anyway, that blog is retired, but is still there with posts, resources and links to help other daughters and mothers who have difficulties. My current blog www.FindYourMiddleGround came into being in October 2013.

So you are fairly new to the Word Press family. Welcome 🙂 Does your blog have a particular theme that you write about?

Find Your Middle Ground is about finding peace in the ups and downs of life.
One day I was thinking about what I do as a coach, and how I could upgrade my coaching website. I realised I love to help people come to a place where they can get to know themselves, find peace, get clear and be inspired to do whatever feeds their soul. The next morning I woke up with these words so clear in my mind I never forgot them:“Life is a series of highs and lows. Be grateful for the highs. Be graceful in the lows. And find contentment in the middle ground.”
As I wrote them down, I wondered if the domain name had been taken … and it was available. So I registered it and then saw a great deal on wordpress … which meant that it would be a blog! It was so clear that this was the space to explore where coaching and yoga come together and for me to find my new voice.  It has been so easy, I knew it was meant to be!

As George Peppard would say (in the A-Team) “I love it when a plan comes together”. All things conspired to be in alignment on that day then. I guess as a life coach, you would have many tools at your disposal to deal with issues in your life. Do you believe that you have gained anything from blogging?

Blogging is so inspiring and is transformational for me. Not only do I get to share the awesome ideas and things I come across, but it connects me with other bloggers who are expressing themselves…. Often a lot better than I ever could. 🙂  Its like being connected to a bigger infinite world! Its also has the benefits of journaling – working through things, dealing with difficult issues, relationships and internal struggles. Its about self expression and connection – which I see as fundamental needs in all of us!

I agree wholeheartedly with this. 🙂 So many of us face challenges in our lives. I believe that blogging is a great way for many of us to deal with these things. Do you find that blogging has helped you in dealing with challenges in your own life?

This is such a good question – it really gets to the core of why we do it doesn’t it? Of course, it has been huge in resolving my mother relationship. It has helped me to be an observer of my self and let go of judgement. It has helped me accept myself and feel good about what I have to say. It has healed childhood wounds and opened up a part of me that was suppressed for many years. It has allowed me to be forgiving and compassionate. It encourages me to be open and curious and to keep learning. It is the vehicle where I can be myself and find myself.

I think your last sentence is the biggest thing here. Being ourselves and finding the real us is so important to lasting contentment. Thanks for the reminder to me this evening.  How often do you take the opportunity to blog?

I post every couple of days….. although I have so many thoughts brewing at one time, I could do lots more! I admire people who post a lot and those who take their time. I’m finding my own way here.

It’s difficult to find the balance between how often you should post sometimes. Like you, I am finding my way in that regard. And where do you find the inspiration for all these thoughts brewing in your mind?

Everywhere! Other blogs, the internet and life. Ideas pop up within me … usually around 5am!

You too? What is it with these early morning starts?? lol
Now to my favourite question of all – quotes or mantras! Do you have one that you find is perfect for your life right now?

To paraphrase Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world” … and of course my own phrase has become an inspiration to me (shucks) – I’m a Middle Ground role model and guide after all!! LOL

Finding your middle ground is certainly an interesting concept and one well worth exploring.
No doubt you have trawled through blog land and found many wonderful sites. What draws you to blogs and their posters?

Photos that catch my eye. Reflections and thoughts. New perspectives. People being themselves. (That would be exactly what attracted me to you Sue!)

😳 Thank you for the kind words Val. They are truly appreciated. Is there anything else that you would like to share before we vacate the couch this evening?

Thank you Sue for letting me share and grow here! I love how you write the interviews on your blog. Its so welcoming and easy to read, and a treat to get to know other bloggers. …. Now take a deep breath in and let out a long sigh. Come here are get a big hug!

(((hugs))) Thank you. How did you know that is exactly what I need right now? It’s been wonderful having you Val.


17 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger – Val from Find Your Middle Ground

      1. I like these posts Sue and I like to learn new bloggers to know, and think this is a very good way, when you just present them as interesting. Then I need to check their blogs.
        So Thank you for bringing Fellow Blogger


  1. Aha. So Val is a Spandex-Clad Inflictress of Twisted Torture Upon Middle Age Men. }:-)>

    Pleased to make her/your acquaintance. How curious that I am soon publishing a book that explains how narcissism typically manifests in women. I’d be curious to see how Val’s experiences align with my thoughts.

    The middle ground is a simple and prudent approach to life.


  2. I love reading your interviews! So glad I accidentally stumbled across your site after reading Ned Hickson. I can almost “see” what your interviews must “look” like…right from the couch to the hugs! What a great way to let us “newbies” learn about antastic and inspirational bloggers as well as view a small part of your engaging and altruistic self. Can’t wait to read more!!


    1. Ned was such a sweetie plugging my blog in his comments. 🙂 Thanks for coming and visiting (and for the follow). I’m really, really looking forward to going Ned’s interview 😀


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