Checking in from Heaven

ImageRelax Mum, it’s all good. Heaven is a metaphor.
As I am writing this, I am inside the doors opening on to our balcony. The sea breeze is caressing me and the sound of the waves rolling in is competing with the cicadas in my head.
I must admit I was a little worried about what we would find when we reached our destination here. I wasn’t worried about the beach – I already knew that was awesome. What I was concerned about was booking a room in a place I’d never stayed at before online. After booking it, I read some reviews and that only served to stress me a little more. However, our room is wonderful. The owners of this apartment have excellent taste in design. They also have a passion for collecting shells that are in display cabinets around the apartment. The view is magnificent. There is even a telescope at the door to the balcony that has provided much entertainment for the Tween and her father who have been watching ships on the horizon.

I am attempting to keep up with comments on my posts but I won’t be regular. The wireless connection here is a little dicky and it keeps dropping out or resetting. I’m not getting great phone reception in our room either.

Being here is wonderful. I had an awful week at work last week and feeling unwell only increased the feelings of paranoia about other things. I know it was picked up by one of my managers who had a chat with me about it (and gave me a huge hug afterwards). These couple of days at the beach are about relaxing and enjoying. I still have the dizzy spells and the constant ringing in my ears. I tire very easily also.
Last night as I went to sleep (with the door to our bedroom balcony opened) I listened to the real cicadas singing from the trees in the nature reserve that backs on to the resort. The real cicadas are much more noisier than the ones in my head. That is such a blessing!! 🙂

Well I am going to get something to eat and plan my day with my family. Take care all 🙂

Have a blessed day.


48 thoughts on “Checking in from Heaven

  1. I swear if I see you back on here – I am going to virtual SLAP you –
    Oh and I am super jealous… 😉
    Enjoy friend — let the roar of the ocean fill your head with its power – and let those virtual cycads drift away on the sea breeze.


  2. enjoy your holiday my family ,dearest Sis I have had “cicadas “as you call them ,thats a good term for thom in my head for thirty years now they get worse when you are tired or stressed, and they lessen when you are concentrating on something else .your headaches would be making the noise worse . I am with you Idiotwriter but I will put the flyswatter around her bottem if she doesnt slow down


  3. Glad you’re having a great vacation. Love that there’s a telescope! I like to use a site called trip advisor. They have tons of reviews, and I can read enough people to figure out who I agree with.


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