Fellow Blogger – Vera from Ilghepardo

ImageVera writes as ilghepardo. Il Gherphardo is Italian for Cheetah and a photo of a cheetah adorns the front page of Vera’s blog. She is a a well educated and well travelled woman. Her About page includes extensive information about her life and her writings. Vera’s posts are accompanied by lovely, vibrant photographs such as the ones in the post Winter weeds and sticks and Il Cafe. She provides an index to her posts at the side of her blog in order to find what you are looking for more quickly. Please hop on over and check out Vera’s blog.

Hi Vera. It’s nice of you to join me this evening to discuss blogging. What drew you to begin blogging?

I don’t know exactly. The novelty of it I guess, novelty to me, that is. And I very much like to write : this is a chance to write. FYI: I write in American English, an acquired language for me.

As long as you are enjoying the process. How long have you been blogging?

Since the 24th of March, 2012

A little over 18 months then. I have noticed quite a lot of content on your site. Do you have any particular theme that you write about?

No theme. I write or show what comes to my mind. I am too restless : a theme would bore me. Too many things interest me to be restricted by any one single subject.

I guess having a theme would restrict you somewhat. Do you think you have gained anything by blogging?

Lots of fun from seeing how people react to what I post. Lots of fun writing. And I also found a few new friends. But blogging for me is essentially a self-centered activity.

I guess there is a certain amount of enjoyment in the reactions and comments of others. Many of those who follow my blog, blog  to assist in coping with challenges in their lives. Do you have any challenges that blogging has helped you with?

I live in my daughter’s house but I am essentially alone. Blogging has given me a new activity where learning – always interesting – was involved to begin with, and where friends were found eventually.

I think that finding people you can connect with through your writing is something worthwhile. I am pleased you have been able to achieve this. How often do you blog?

It depends on my mood. If good, even two or three times in a day. But when I am running low, as now in Winter, I may go several days without posting anything. I feel under no obligation to do “a schedule” since I dislike schedules as much as repetitive things like themes.

I guess the great thing about a blog is that it is something we create our own paremeters for. Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

In my own head mostly. Ideas flow into my mind generally very early in the morning before I fully wake up, or as I fall asleep. A window opens then into other realities. In nature often. In my pets, past and present. In objects sometimes. In photos on other blogs. In memories. In things I wrote years ago. In what I read, at times.

I am finding  a pattern in these interviews of where inspiration strikes. There are many out there who gain inspiration early in the morning or when they are in nature. I guess there is inspiration all around us every day when we take the time to look for it. Many others find inspiration from quotes or mantras. Do you have one quote that you find inspires you right now?

Yes. I have a few, but this is my motto now: “I’ll mature when I am dead”. As age advances it becomes more and more appropriate.

That is a priceless quote. I like it very much. Apart from writing, I assume you read the blogs of others. What draws you to other blogs?

Variety, spontaneity, vivacity, sincerity, interesting photography, good writing style. I do not follow preachy and goody-goody blogs, those that want to tell me how to improve my life, and I don’t follow fashionista blogs either !

The majority of bloggers are very sincere. I’m sure you would find many blogs that you enjoy. In closing, is there anything else that you would like to share?

Not really. I do not consider my blog an open-mike confessional. There are things that are private, and must remain untouched by others. I enjoy blogging in and of itself. Anybody that has the patience to follow my blog and also read some of the older posts will get to know me fairly well. Does it surprise you that in this list of questions I did not learn anything that I did not already know about myself ?

I think that is a sign of someone who is comfortable within themselves. Thanks so much for participating in this series Vera. I appreciate the time you have taken to speak with me.


4 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger – Vera from Ilghepardo

  1. A delightfully candid interview. Thank you both for this, ladies. Although I suggest you revisit the admission standards to this series. I can’t believe that a scallywag such as myself is permitted to comment here. }:-)>


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