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ImageJoining me this evening is Carol Balawyer – Writer.  Carol is currently three novels that she has been working on for some years. Two of these are crime novels and one is women’s fiction. She has already self published Mourning Has Broken and Missy’s Dating Adventures. Information and links for these books is available on Carol’s home page. An excerpt from Carol’s book Mourning has Broken can be found in the post Book Cover Design. Carol has many sections on her blog including Women’s fiction, memoir, photography and Short Stories. There is certainly much to read and to learn on Carol’s blog.

Welcome to the couch tonight Carol. I’m pleased to have you here to discuss blogging. Can you tell me what drew you to blogging?

Curiosity. I wanted to learn what the buzz was about and wanted a platform for my writing. So, my initial reason was one of marketing but has evolved into connecting with incredibly talented people. I honestly, at times, prefer blogging than working on my novels. Is that a bad sign?

I was only just telling someone the other day how my blogging has evolved in the same way. And I don’t think that is a bad sign. I think it means that when we blog, we don’t have to worry about sentence structure and plot lines 😉 How long have you been blogging now?

I started blogging in 2010 with a blog title Writing Scales on the Art and Craft of Writing where I began to write about my year of mourning after my sister died. This turned into a book Mourning has Broken. Then I did another blog titled A Girl Called Brenda on my online disastrous dates. I did that for a year then stopped because of a teaching contract in Asia. I’m back to blogging since September 2013.

So you are not new to the world of blogging at all. Your other blogs had themes, so does your current blog also have a theme?

Yes. I write about writing. It could be about writing techniques, writing blogs I like, workshops I attend, authors I admire. Anything about writing. I am now writing a series of famous writers’ desks as a fun part of my blog.

That sounds great. As there are many budding authors out there in the WordPress family, I’m sure there are many who would find your experiences invaluable. Have you found that by blogging you have gained anything?

Blogging has put me in contact with incredibly creative people and helped me direct my writing career. Eventually, I plan to use some bloggers as Beta readers for my novels. I am from a French province and most of my friends are French speaking so it’s a treasure for me to be able to communicate with English writers.

Isn’t it wonderful how helpful and creative many of the people out there are? Many of those I have had on the couch have had challenges in their lives that blogging has assisted them in dealing with. Do you feel that blogging has helped you in dealing with challenges at all?

The main challenge has been connecting with people with the same interest as I have. Blogging has given me the opportunity to meet these people and continue to do so. I am always so thrilled when I write a new post and someone new responds to it. There are so many creative people out there that I want to connect with.

Connecting with others is certainly heart warming. How often do you find yourself at the computer working on a blog post?

Twice a week. Mondays and Fridays, although I am thinking of changing my Monday blog to Wednesday because Monday is heavy blog traffic and maybe my Friday blog to Saturday.

It’s difficult at times finding what works for us isn’t it? I hope you work this out. Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

Everywhere. It’s just a question of paying attention. Sometimes it’s reading someone else’s blog and it brings a spark. I had the idea of writing a blog on Thy Own Self Be True which came from one of the essays in my book Mourning Has Broken. Then I read Kristen Lamb’s post on something similar so I’ll connect my idea with hers. I like to plug bloggers I admire in my posts. I plan my blogs days in advance, sometimes weeks. My dashboard posts are full of drafts.

That’s awesome. I pat myself on the back if I can have two posts scheduled 😉
Do you have a quote or mantra that is important to you?


I like that. Simple and direct and so full of meaning. I know I follow a lot of blogs that differ to mine. What draws you to other blogs?

Blogs I follow are very diverse. I am not a poet but I follow a lot of poets because I find I have much to gain in terms of making my writing richer. Also I find photography inspiring. There are some amazing blogs on gardening and relationships and music. I am very open. Of course, I also follow a lot of blogs on writing.

There are a wealth of blogs on so many different topics out there. You would be spoiled for choice I am sure. In closing, is there anything else that you would like to share?

Yes, I think your post is wonderful. It gives people opportunity to know about other bloggers. Thank you for this.

Thank YOU for taking part and for your kind words. Currently, I am only running this until the end of January but I’m hoping to put another together in a couple of months time. I’m glad you have enjoyed it.

18 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger – Carol Balawyder

  1. You’re preaching to the converted on this one, Sue. I love Carol’s posts.

    In fact, I love them so much that she has an open invitation to buy me whiskey whenever she visits Ottawa. }:-))>

    How magnanimous of me.


  2. Sue – Thank you for hosting Carol.

    Carol – I love your theme of Accept. That’s what we have to do with life. It’s not always easy but it’s important. And like you, I’ve met some incredible people through blogging. Isn’t it great!?


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