Fellow Blogger – Susan from Putting in a good word


“You may like her, you will see

You may like her in a tree”

Joining me tonight is the gorgeous Susan from Putting in a good word. Susan is a fellow Aussie currently residing in the nation’s capital, Canberra. She is an author who has self published her book “Arafura” which is set in Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory of Australia. Susan writes about a variety of topics with style and flair. From her encouragement in the post You can’t fall if you don’t climb to her love affair with nitrous oxide in Ode to happy gas,  You will find something for everyone. As well as being a great writer, Susan is a lovely person who genuinely cares for others and I am pleased to call her my blogging friend.

Hi Susan, welcome to the couch tonight. It’s so great to have you here and chat about blogging. I’m looking forward to our chat. Let’s start with asking how you got into blogging?

I first began blogging to promote my novel, Arafura, and to hone my writing skills. I fell into WordPress, not really knowing what I was doing. The teacher in me enjoys putting lessons together, I guess it’s not much different with a post.

So you are a teacher as well as a blogger and writer. That must keep you very busy.  How long have you been blogging?

Since March 2013.

Another prospective member for the 2013 club! lol Let’s continue on with this…
mentioned that you began your blog to promote your book. Is this the theme of your blog, or do you have no theme at all?

I keep reading that one’s blog should have a theme. That isn’t easy for people like me with a scatty brain. I think if you write from the heart and about things that interest you, you’ll find satisfaction in blogging.A theme…. how about ‘life’, is that broad enough? 🙂

Works for me 😀
In the months you have been blogging, do you believe that you have gained anything from the experience?

Hopefully my writing has improved.I really enjoy interacting with people worldwide, isn’t technology great?
The blogging community is packed with generous spirits.
By reading other people’s posts I’ve gained another window into what makes other people tick. You get this by reading in general, but blogging is unedited, honest, raw, and very often clever.
I like the unfiltered, humane voices of the blogging community. I like to think a foible shared is a foible halved. 🙂 You, know, that feeling of “Thank God, it’s not just me!”

I certainly agree that blogging is wonderful for sharing with others our fears and dreams. It’s also great to be able to encourage one another. Have you found that blogging has helped you overcome or deal with any challenges in your life?

Blogging hasn’t helped my book sales, so I have grown a thicker skin. Yet in a strange way blogging has also helped me deal with that rejection. I will write for the love of it and accept I’m not a star marketer.Writing posts and commenting on other posts has clarified my ideas and opinions about things that challenged me. It’s fun to have a post brewing in the back of my mind, it forces me to meditate on something, to justify my opinions. Sort of like cleaning out and organising a messy cupboard, really. Or therapy. 🙂

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record on this one I think – writing is a cheap form of therapy! lol With such a busy life,  how often do you get the opportunity to blog?

I try to blog at least once a week. Some are short, some long. Some are a painful birth, others just pop out, like the babies I have in my dreams, “Ooops, there’s a baby on the shelf in between the baked beans and spaghetti. It must be mine, how did I do that?”

(Sue spits out glass of water). Sorry Susan, here let me dry that for you (hands tissue to Susan). Do you often have that effect on people? 😀 No, don’t answer that one!
Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

Everywhere! Songs, words, books, films, long-festering conundrums, people and their behaviours, animals, oh, and husbands.

And children… children are always good for inspiration. 😉 As you know, a lot of bloggers have a quote or mantra that they believe is perfect for them. Do you have one that you would like to share?

One short poem that resonates with me on a regular basis is from Michael Leunig,
Let it go,
Let it out,
Let it all unravel,
Let it free
And it will be

A path on which to travel.”
 That’s blogging in a nutshell, isn’t it?

That’s awesome. I really like that poem a lot.
I’d like to ask what you look for in another blog as you are travelling through blog-land. Is there anything in particular that draws you to other blogs?

Authenticity, generosity, humour, a new perspective, interesting information.

All good things to find in another blog. In closing, is there anything else that you would like to share?

I think on the whole, blogging brings out the best in people. That’s a good thing.

Agreed. I have to admit that I have been lucky so far in only seeing the best in others and I pray that continues. Thanks so much for joining me this evening Susan. It has been a pleasure.

Thanks for your interest in asking me these thought-provoking questions! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger – Susan from Putting in a good word

  1. Thank you so very much for having me, Sue. You have a calling as a journalist, a conversational style that reminds me of Jennifer Byrne. And all these interviews you’ve conducted with a gammy head! I love the Dr Seuss reference. Thank you my dear. 🙂


      1. I was referring to shelf babies, that perhaps I’m the only one who has these dreams. BTW, have you seen The Moaning of Life episode 3 about having babies? Karl Pilkington’s self-styled philosophy is hilariously honest.


        1. I have weird dreams sometimes but I’ve never found a baby on a shelf in a pantry. Must be just you. lol
          I’ve never actually seen The Moaning of Life. Sounds interesting.


  2. great women here guys 🙂 This name Susan suddenly is becoming synonymous with SUPER 🙂
    I’m on a roll here. The blog is doing way more than advertising the book Susan, you are a wealth of fun and wisdom too ( for those of us in the know that is). I truly enjoyed this, and madam interviewer, great job!


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