Giggle for the Day

ImageThis photo is of the sign we have hanging on the gate to our pool. This morning, the oldest grandchild Miss Six was out the back with the Tween chatting about this and that when she suddenly said “That’s silly. How can a crocodile read that”?
The Garden Gnome and I were in fits of laughter.
Bless the young!


36 thoughts on “Giggle for the Day

  1. fabulous. reminded me of my friend’s grandmother who years ago when smoke alarms (they were not called detectors then) first came on the market, asked,, “what if the burglars don’t smoke?”


  2. He he he he – SWEETHEART!! – reminds me of the woman who thought it was a bad idea to have deer crossing signs on busy roads – she reckoned it was irresponsible of the council to allow deer to cross at those points and they should move the signs so that the deers crossed somewhere safer like outside a school or something… –


  3. Too funny! I can’t wait for grandchildren! I remember when my son wondered why he didn’t have a tail like the cats and the dog. Later, he informed me he found his tail….his was in the front.


    1. Oh April – lucky I didn’t have a mouthful of wine when I read that one!! lol
      I had the most interesting conversation with my Scottish hairdresser the other day about sharing a bathroom with three little girls! That was almost as funny – particularly with his accent. lol


  4. well Sis ive had a laugh at all that has been said .I am sure if I put my thinking cap on I would come up with some of your sayings as a child .hehe


  5. Bless the young indeed! As Art Linklater said “Children say the darndest things”. When I was young my brother announced at dinner one night that he wanted to be a disc jockey when he grew up, I immediatly piped up with “But Willy, you don’t even know how to ride a horse!” The whole family roared, me sitting there not knowing why they were all laughing at me. When I was told what my faux pas was I was embarrassed because I think I was around 10 or 11 and should have known what a disc jockey was… My same brother told me that I was always different from the other kids, that when we played cowboys and indians, instead of saying “bang bang” for the sound effects of my gun I would say “ping ping” because that was the sound of ricochets, apparently I wasn’t a good shot lol! Reading this back I think I’m going to cut and paste my story and use it in a post on my blog, along with a repost of yours, if you don’t mind, which I’m sure you won’t, right? 🙂 Thanks for the laughs!


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