12 thoughts on “What can I get?

  1. yes things are getting worse so many people are in a world of” me “.so many expect payment for doing nothing want a hand out ,want all with out giving .your Granny used to say its a sad world now and she wouldnt be sorry to see the maker,well daughter I worry about the “me first ” world and my great grandchildren but I cant change it ,so maybe I just do my bit to change me and my worries .


  2. This topic is one of my pet peeves. I get on my soapbox about it often.
    I disagree that kids today are of a selfish nature. I believe the majority ( let’s not brand everyone with the one stick ) are caring, respectful, helpful children. And, if they aren’t , I think the song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has a relevant verse.

    Who do you blame when your kid is a brat
    Pampered and spoiled like a siamese cat
    Blaming the kids is a lie and a shame
    You know exactly who’s to blame

    The mother and the father!
    Who owns these ‘me’ children? Who raised them? Who are these irresponsible parents?


    1. And I agree with that. I wasn’t talking about the children as much as I was talking about society in general having these ideals.
      And I agree that children are what they live. 🙂


      1. I guess we are a disposable society now as our goods can no longer outlast the time to the improved version. In doing so it reduces the importance of the thing. Some do apply that to their life I agree but I do believe ( am I perhaps naive) most still highly value relationships and caring. Enjoying your posts 🙂


        1. So pleased. When I read your comments on OM’s blog I thought I’d p***ed you off.
          Unfortunately this whole disposable society thing really is ridiculous. And you must have been channelling me because I had my up cycling post already scheduled when you wrote this 😉


          1. Hey , I find it refreshing that I can enjoy debate with you. We may not always agree on things but there no disrespect 🙂 through discussion I get to see other viewpoints – an open brain is the way forward in my opinion. I consider you one of my blogging friends. Your posts are written with emotion and thought and that to me must be a reflection of your true self. Oh and I’m impressed to see you guest blogging on OM. Congratulations 🙂


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