13 thoughts on “Catching Waves

  1. well I dont go into the water not just because of jaws for other reasons ,so my wave would flatten early but yes Sis we do need to try and try again .There is nothing wrong with us Sis we are tries we try and try and one day we will get it right .


  2. I love the beach and got over my fear of sharks early, though that Jaws movie nearly scared the poop out of me in a couple of places. 🙂


      1. Go in when it’s crowded, the sharks have too many choices then. As a grizzly aside, back in 1960 I think it was, a woman was dangling her baby in the edge of the water at Bondi, in Sydney. A shark swam through the crowd and snatched it from her grasp. Okay, now I know you’re never going in the water.


  3. I really enjoyed this post. I like the philosopher hat of yours. Thank you for inspiring an entire set of new thoughts and directions to take those thoughts!


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