Life isn’t all serious

I was going through some of the photos from our few days away and I’ve decided to share some with you that have made me smile.

Some may need some explanation lol………..

When we first arrived at our apartment, I opened the sliding doors and took a step back because I thought someone was sitting out there. There wasn’t. It was a carved wooden man, that found himself photographed quite regularly.
And then there was poor Rabbie (mentioned in my post Becoming Real). Although he was brought along on our little break, he spent the whole time laying beside the couch…. or so we thought.
There were a lot of moments that made me smile including when I went into the local Vinnies store (opportunity or goodwill) and the Tween came to get me and found some killer heels. She wanted to try them on and I was attempting to get her to leave the store. The ladies behind the counter all got involved then and encouraged her by scouring the store to find more so she could try them on and model them,  all the while encouraging me to take photos. We certainly smiled then.

p.s. Mum if you can’t see these, you might need to update your Adobe Flash Player 😉


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